Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 02nd February 2018

1.0 General

1.1 The testing facilities at the Laboratories are available for equipment/products/Samples development, testing and certification as per National and International Standards and also as per the customer’s requirements.

1.2 The terms and conditions for testing at these Laboratories including the responsibilities of the Customers in getting their equipment/products/samples tested, services to be rendered by the Testing Laboratories and test charges, terms of payment etc., shall be as stated in the following sections.

2.0 Definitions

2.1 “Testing Authority” shall mean "Central Power Research Institute” abbreviated as CPRI.

2.2 "Customer” shall mean the Organization/person(Indian/Overseas) seeking to avail themselves of the testing facilities at the CPRI Laboratories.

2.3 "Laboratory” shall mean the Laboratory belonging to the CPRI, which is intended to be used for conducting the relevant tests.

2.4 "Facilities" shall mean the equipment, instruments and other facilities available at the CPRI Laboratories for testing purposes.

3.0 Booking of test dates

3.1 The Customer who desires his equipment/products/samples to be tested, shall make a request in writing to the Testing laboratory giving adequate details of the equipment/products/Samples to be tested, standards to be followed and the details of the tests to be conducted along with preferred date of testing.

3.2 Separate test charges in US dollars (USD) are applicable for overseas customers for equipment / product/samples to be tested at CPRI Laboratories. The Customer shall   indicate the details while requesting for Offer from CPRI. Test Charges will be communicated on request.

a) The test charges for overseas customers will be levied in US Dollars (USD) for the equipment / product/samples manufactured overseas.

b) The test charges are applicable in USD, if the name plate on equipment / product/samples indicates name of the overseas manufacturer.

c) In case of equipment / product/samples manufactured abroad and is tested by Indian company/manufacturer, the charges will be indicated in equivalent INR of USD (Exchange rate considered as that prevailing on the date of offering the test charges).

3.3 CPRI after giving due consideration to the Customer requirements, will indicate Tentative Test Date(s) [period of reservation of the Laboratory] for conducting the test along   with provisional testing charges.

3.4 Customers(Indian/Overseas) need to indicate their acceptance of test date(s) in writing within one week of receipt of the letter/fax/email along with payment of 100% test  charges in advance as per the offer, failing which the tentative test date(s) allotted will not be guaranteed.

After receipt of confirmation from Customer with acceptance of test date(s) and payment of 100% test charges, the laboratories will confirm the date(s) of testing.

3.5 If the customer/manufacturer want to submit equipment / product/samples for testing which are not manufactured by themselves, then the customer/manufacturer, shall submit “ NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE” from the original equipment manufacturer before commencement of the tests at our laboratories.

4.0 Test Charges

4.1 Customer is required to deposit 100% Provisional test charges in advance as stated at 3.4 above.

4.2 All payment shall be made by Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Accounts Officer, C.P.R.I”. Alternatively payment can also be made through Electronic Transfer (RTGS/NEFT). The details of the same will be provided in the offer made to the customer.

4.4 The test charges are subject to revision.

4.5 The final bill of test charges will be prepared by the Testing Authority soon after the completion of the tests and forwarded to the Customer. Test report will be issued only after 100% payment.

4.6 For test request on urgent basis, test will be taken up by CPRI laboratories on Saturdays & Sundays or on public holidays and the customer will be charged 1.5 times the normal test charges.

4.7 For Short Circuit Laboratories

The Test Charges includes the Shift Charges applicable to High Power / Short Circuit testing laboratories and other elements of charges as indicated below:

4.7.1 Shift is defined as 7 hours test access period with one hour break.

4.7.2 Shift Charge (Test Access Period): The time taken by the customer for mounting the apparatus ready for tests at the test bay. In addition, the time taken by the Testing Authority for inspection of the apparatus prior to commencing the tests, and for making necessary connection to the test apparatus prior to as well as the time taken during test period for starting up of the short circuit generator, changing test circuit parameters and making measurements in the setting of the required values of prospective current, making angle, power factor, voltage to be applied, etc., and for making photographs of apparatus will be counted as a part of the test access period. Also the actual the time taken for replacement of components, alterations and repair of the apparatus during the reserved test period either in the test bed or in the assembly shop and modification in the mounting arrangement, if any, carried out during the test access period.

In case of loss of time during the test access period for reasons other than those stated and otherwise attributable to CPRI, additional period of time will be placed if possible, at the disposal of the customer or a suitable adjustment will be made in the shift charges.

4.7.3 Supplementary Test Charges (Routine/type tests prior or post testing activities at High power /Short circuit testing laboratories): These charges shall be applicable to supplementary routine/type tests that may be required to be carried out on the apparatus before/after the short circuit tests or other test duties at High power /Short circuit testing laboratories, such as dielectric tests, temperature rise tests, ratio and phase angle error measurement etc., as applicable and stipulated in the standards.

Such routine/type tests may be carried out subject to the facilities available at CPRI and shall be charged as per relevant tariff prevailing. In case of requisite facilities not available at CPRI the facilities at the manufacturers work will be utilized. Air travel, accommodation has to be arranged by the Customers and man day charges will be charged additionally.

The results of supplementary tests shall be incorporated in the "Test Report" or "Certificate" issued.

4.7.4 Workshop (for repairs and modification) charges: Charges for repairs and modifications carried out in the workshop of CPRI under written request from the Customer shall be calculated on the actual time and cost basis.

4.7.5 Extra Charges: Extra charges shall be levied for furnishing test documents and other records after completion of the test series.

5.0 Cancellation Charges

The test date can be cancelled or postponed by prior/advance intimation. Postponement will be treated as cancellation of confirmed test dates and rescheduling will be possible only on availability of test date for the test requested. No. of days required for prior/advance intimation for cancellation or postponement without any charges or with partial charges is as follows:

Less than 7 days


More than 7 days but less than 15 days


More than 15 days but less than 30 days


More than 30 days

No cancellation charges

5.1 For Short circuit laboratories

a) In the event sample fails during any sequence of testing, 100% will be charged for the test conducted and 50% of the balance shift charges booked as non-utilization charges for short circuit tests on circuit breakers.
b) For short circuit tests on transformers, failure of transformers during 1st shot of short circuit test, ½ shift charges will be charged for transformer of rating up to 7 MVA and 1 shift charge will be charged for rating above 7 MVA.
c) In case of failure between 2nd and 7th shot: 1 Shift charge will be charged for transformers of rating above 500 KVA and upto 7 MVA.
d) In case of failure between 2nd and 7th shot: 1½ Shift charges will be charged for transformer of rating above 7 MVA to 50 MVA.
e) In case of failure between 2nd and 7th shot: 2 Shift charges will be charged for transformer of rating above 50 MVA to 70 MVA.
f) In case of failure between 2nd and 7th shot: 2½ Shift charges will be charged for transformer of rating above 70 MVA to 200 MVA.

5.2 For High voltage laboratories

a) In the event of failure of test sample during long duration high voltage tests on circuit breakers etc.,(for Example: 8 hours power frequency voltage withstand test on circuit breakers)
1) If the sample fails during first hour of the test: 50% of the test charges will be charged.
2) If the sample fails after first hour and upto 4th hour of the test: 75% of the test charges will be charged.
3) If the sample fails after fourth hour of the test: 100% of the test charges will be charged.

6.0 Procedure for Accepting Equipment / Products / Samples For Testing

6.1 CPRI will deal directly with manufacturers / customers and will not accept the work through Agents / Intermediaries.

6.2 Person/s deputed by the manufacturer / customer to CPRI must be permanent employees carrying his/their photo identity cards issued by only one Employer.

6.3 CPRI pensioners are not allowed to provide any services related to testing and certification activities in CPRI premises.

6.4 Test samples are to be sent to CPRI by the customers on door delivery basis.

6.5 Customers while submitting sample to CPRI mandatorily needs to submit (as appropriate) the following documents:

6.5.1 Central Excise Challan-cum-Delivery Challan, Factory Gate Pass, Lorry Receipt and CPRI Gate Entry for manufacturers covered by Central Excise Regulations.

6.5.2 In case of SSI manufacturers who are normally exempted from, Central Excise up to Rs.1.50 Crore per annum, the consignment may be accompanied by private delivery challan of the manufacturer, and his declaration forms under GST laws and check post stamping in case of inter-state movements.

6.5.3 However, in case of SSI Units within the State the GST declaration forms as applicable to respective States. for e.g. Form VAT 505 in case of Karnataka State shall accompany the consignment.

6.5.4 Discount of 10% on the test charges exclusive of GST can be availed by the small scale industries (SSI) as per prevailing norms, subject to submission of the relevant documents. The SSI Units need to furnish a notarised affidavit on an Rs.100/- stamp paper along with certified copy of their valid SSI Registration certificate covering the product to be tested for availing 10 % discount. Original SSI certificate shall be produced for verification only.

6.5.5 When the equipment is submitted for testing, the temporary name plates are not acceptable for equipment like Panels, Transformers, Air Circuit Breaker/Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers, etc.

6.6 Overseas customers shall submit the following document while sending samples to CPRI for testing

6.6.1 Transportation of test samples to CPRI for testing purpose: The customer may organise to transport the test samples directly to CPRI on door delivery basis. Equipment imported to CPRI for testing purpose enjoys relief from payment of customs duty. The customer may ask his C&F agent to get in touch with CPRI along with the Authorisation letter (issued by Shipper informing the contact details of C&F agent authorised for to &fro transportation, port handling, custom clearance, delivery to CPRI, etc.), Airway Bill /Bill of landing, Invoice and packing list well in advance before arrival of samples in Indian customs. Necessary documents for custom clearance will be provided by CPRI. Customers may contact Joint Director (I&P), CPRI at email ID shyamsundaratcpri [dot] in (shyamsundar[at]cpri[dot]in), kamalasratcpri [dot] in (kamalasr[at]cpri[dot]in), ramdasatcpri [dot] in (ramdas[at]cpri)shyamsundaratcpri [dot] in ([dot)ramdasatcpri [dot] in (in), mnpatcpri [dot] in (mnp[at]cpri[dot]in). The Agent has to organise and coordinate custom clearance and delivery of sample to CPRI on door delivery basis. All charges towards to & fro transportation, port handling, custom clearance, delivery, C&F agent charges, etc., will have to be organised and borne by the customer.

6.6.2 During re-export of samples: The customer may organise to re export the samples to the country of origin immediately after the completion of testing and intimate details of dispatch, since the equipment would be cleared against Custom Duty Exemption. During re-export, the Customer shall forward an Authorisation letter with details of authorised C&F Agent for pick up, Custom clearance etc., along with Bill of entry copies for enabling CPRI to arrange for necessary documents for re-export.

6.7 Failure to comply with the above requirements, CPRI reserves its right to reject such test requests.

7.0 Procedure of Testing Work

7.1 The facilities of the laboratories will be operated by the Personnel of CPRI.

7.2 Customers are required to fill up the Customer Request Form forwarded and hand it over to the Test Authority before commencement of the test.

7.3 The tests will be conducted during normal working days (Monday to Friday) and if necessary, at the discretion of Testing Authority on holidays also, subject to payment of test charges on urgent basis as mentioned in clause 4.6.

7.4 The Customer shall arrange for the presence of his official(s) / witnessing officials (if any) at the Laboratory at least one day in advance before the date of testing to ensure proper installation of the product and complete the formalities as may be required by the Testing Authority.

7.5 The equipment/products/Samples to be tested shall be handled entirely by the Customer and shall be installed to the entire satisfaction of the Testing Authority to meet the testing requirements.

8.0 Test Programme

8.1 The Testing Authority shall provide the Customer programme of testing. In case of suspension, postponement or cancellation of the tests due to outage of the laboratory, the Testing Authority will not, however, in any way be liable for the losses that may be incurred by the Customer due to delays or postponement resulting from such outage.

8.2 Although every endeavor will be made to conform to the testing programme agreed upon, the Testing Authority reserves the right to interrupt, postpone or cancel any tests or series of tests on consideration of safety of the laboratory or any cause beyond the reasonable control of the Testing Authority such as civil commotion, insurrection, war, pestilence, acts of state or public authorities, fire, sabotage, accident, natural calamities, strikes, etc. The Testing Authority shall not be liable for any damage (financial or otherwise) or inconvenience caused to the Customer in such eventualities. The CPRI shall not be liable to the manufacturers / customers or any consequential losses under such force majeure circumstances.

8.3 The customer cannot claim damages for delays, postponement or interruption of tests due to force majeure or any laboratory operating and maintaining needs which may arise. However, CPRI wherever possible try to continue and complete the test in the shortest possible time.

9.0 Interruption of Tests

Should it be necessary to interrupt the tests for 

a) Inspection of the effects of test

b) Renewal or repair of parts

c) Any other reason

The Testing Authority shall decide, after consultation with the Customer, whether such inspection or any repair work shall be carried out in-situ or the equipment/product/Samples shall be taken out of the test bed for that purpose.

10.0 Witnessing of Tests

10.1 The Head of the laboratory may permit, on Customer's request / knowledge, reasonable number of officials and other witnesses of the Customer, who must conform to the directions given by the Test-in-Charge of the Laboratory. The Testing Authority shall not be responsible for any injury, disability or death caused to the representatives of the Customers and or the Witnesses while in the premises.

10.2 The Customer shall be deemed to be aware of the possible repercussions of the tests and the risk involved in the process of testing undertaken. The Customer shall accordingly ensure, at his own cost, the safety of his official(s) and other witnesses against any accident/mishap during their stay in the premises.

10.3 The Customer shall be responsible for the proper behavior of his representatives, witnesses, or other personnel during their stay at the Laboratory. The Testing Authority shall have the right to order the removal of the Customer's personnel from the premises of the Laboratory in case of any misbehavior and/or failure on the part of the personnel to comply with instructions, issued by the Testing Authority Non-compliance with the instructions of the Testing authority may result in the postponement or cancellation of the Testing of the Customer's equipment/product/Samples. The decision of the Testing Authority in this regard will be final and binding and the Customer shall not be entitled to any compensation for any consequent loss.

10.4 The overseas Nationals visiting CPRI in connection with testing activity are required to forward Passport and Indian VISA well in advance to CPRI for arranging necessary approval for the visit. The visa shall be BUSINESS VISA ONLY which is as per the requirement of Government of India.

11.0 Installation of Equipment / Products for Testing

11.1 The Customer shall arrange at his own cost to transport and receive at the Laboratory their equipment/product/samples at least one day before the date of commencement of the test.

11.2 The Customer is responsible for the handling of his equipment/products/samples in the premises of the Testing Authority and for mounting of the same in the test bay in such a manner as not to cause any damage to the CPRI property or to the CPRI personnel. The Customer's personnel required for this purpose along with necessary tools shall be allowed within the premises of the Laboratory before and after the tests.

11.3 The Customer is responsible for arranging fixtures, if any, required for mounting his equipment / products in the test bay.

12.0 Safety

12.1 The customer shall observe safety instructions in the test bays while installation of equipment /product/samples and dismantling.

12.2 The risk of transport to CPRI and back as well as the risk of unloading and loading shall be the responsibility of the customers.

12.3 Customer must inform if his product contains harmful or toxic material.

12.4 Discharge of SF6 gas is not allowed. Customers are requested to make suitable means to remove SF6 gas from the test objects.

12.5 Discharge of oil or any other fluid into the drainage system is not permitted.

12.6 Transport of equipment that is pressurized is allowed only after permission from the concerned HOD's.

13.0 Independence and Secrecy

CPRI ensures that its testing personnel has no involvement with design, manufacture or marking of any devices or products nor represent any parties engaged in these activities. CPRI shall not disclose to any third party any information regarding test carried out without customer written consent. Customers are not permitted to enter test areas where other customer’s products are being tested. Taking Photographs are permitted after due authorization by the concerned Head of Department. Without CPRI’s explicit permission, the customer may not use (or allow the use of) CPRI’s name or report from CPRI, in whole or in part, in order to institute claims or to conduct legal proceedings, and /or for advertising purposes.

14.0 Damage to Apparatus

The Testing Authority will take adequate care of the equipment/products/sample, but shall not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage which may occur to the Customer’s equipment/products while within the premises of the Laboratory.

15.0 Alterations and Repairs

Any alteration or repair that the Customer may desire to make on their equipment/products may be permitted to be carried out at their own cost either in the premises of CPRI or outside CPRI.

16.0 Removal of Equipment / Products Brought for Testing

16.1 Customer to Indicate while filling up the Customer Request Form whether the equipment/product/Samples submitted for testing will be taken back after testing or will be left behind. Customer to remove from CPRI premises such equipment/product/samples brought to CPRI within 15 days after completion of testing.

16.2 In case the equipment/product/Samples fail during the testing and Customer is not seriously interested in the test report, even then the removal of Equipment/product/samples shall be done immediately after Completion of testing but not later than 15 days in any case.

16.3 Failing which, equipment/product/samples will be scrapped & disposed off by CPRI without any further notice.

16.4 In case of overseas customers taking back equipment/product/samples after Testing shall provide proof of re-export.

17.0 Preliminary Report / Provisional Report

This report is issued at the request of the Customer after the completion of the tests, at no extra cost.

This report will issued on CPRI letter head which covers only the particulars of the equipment/products/samples tested such as its type, serial number and rating, the type of test(s) conducted and the condition of the equipment/products as observed during/after the tests indicating that the test results are within limits.

The contents of the preliminary report are only tentative and cannot be taken as the final verdict of the performance of the equipment/products for the test(s) conducted.

18.0 Test Certificates / Test Reports


CPRI issues the TEST CERTIFICATE/s at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges, when an equipment/product/sample of a particular type and rating has satisfactorily passed all the specified routine tests, Type tests & Routine and type tests in CPRI, in compliance with the conditions stipulated in a published National/International Standards/not covered under STL.


CPRI issues the TEST REPORT/s at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges, when an equipment/product/sample of a particular type and rating, in the following situations.
a) In case of failure in any one of the tests in the test sequence in compliance with the conditions stipulated in a published National/International Standards.
b) In case all the tests stipulated in compliance with published National/ International Standards are not carried out in CPRI.
c) In case of all the tests carried our as per specific customer requirements.

18.3 TYPE TEST CERTIFICATE: As per STL guidelines, this Type test certificate, is issued at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges, on successful completion/passing of all the TYPE TESTS on the same sample in CPRI, stipulated in a published National/International Standards after verification of all rated characteristics of the equipment as assigned by the manufacturer.

18.4 TEST CERTIFICATE OF DIELECTRIC PERFORMANCE: As per STL guidelines, the test certificate of dielectric performance is issued at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges, on successful completion/passing of the appropriate dielectric tests stipulated in a published National/International Standards after verification of dielectric ratings of the equipment as assigned by the manufacturer.

18.5 TEST CERTIFICATE OF TEMPERATURE RISE PERFORMANCE: As per STL guidelines, this test certificate of Temperature rise performance is issued at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges, on successful completion/passing of the appropriate type tests-temperature rise test stipulated in a published National/International Standards after verification of the temperature rise limits of the equipment as assigned by the manufacturer.

18.6 TEST CERTIFICATE OF SHORT CIRCUIT/MAKING AND BREAKING PERFORMANCE: As per STL guidelines, this test certificate of SHORT CIRCUIT/MAKING AND BREAKING is issued at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges, on successful completion/passing of the appropriate type tests- short circuit/making and breaking test stipulated in a published National/International Standards after verification of the rated characteristics with respect to short circuit and/or making and breaking performance of the equipment as assigned by the manufacturer.

18.7 TEST CERTIFICATE OF SWITCHING PERFORMANCE: As per STL guidelines, the test certificate of SWITCHING PERFORMANCE is issued at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges, on successful completion/passing of the appropriate type tests- switching performance stipulated in a published National/International Standards after verification of the switching ratings (example: capacitive current) of the equipment as assigned by the manufacturer.

CPRI issues either TEST CERTIFICATE/s or TEST REPORT/s or but not both, for same sample of a particular type and rating tested in CPRI.

19.0 Additional Test Report / Additional Test Certificate

In case of requirement ofADDITIONAL TEST CERTIFICATE/ ADDITIONAL TEST REPORT, the Customer shall inform the Testing Authority before commencement of the test only.

Each page of the TEST CERTIFICATE/ TEST REPORT, will have rubber stamp indicating ADDITIONAL TEST CERTIFICATE/ ADDITIONAL TEST REPORT , on top right corner.

Separate charges will be levied for issue of ADDITIONAL TEST CERTIFICATE/ ADDITIONAL TEST REPORT.

20.0 Reproduction of Test Document

The Customer is permitted to reproduce the test documents, subject to the condition that the whole document is reproduced by a facsimile process with no part therefore obscured and the whole reproduction being legible. No other kind of reproduction shall be made without the written permission of the Testing Authority.

21.0 Verification / Authentication of Test Reports / Test Certificates

CPRI is extending the service of verification/authenticity of test reports/Test Certificates issued by CPRI, at the request of state electricity company(s),PSU(s) or any other organization. Separate charges are levied for this service. The charges will be informed through a quote after receipt of the request from the organizations. Letter of request can be sent to QUALITY MANAGER, CPRI, Prof. Sir C.V. RAMAN ROAD, P.O. BOX 8066, Sadashivanagar P.O, Bengaluru-560080, email: tbsatcpri [dot] in (tbs[at]cpri[dot]in)

22.0 Punitive Action

In case of offences and /or violations committed by the customers in connection with testing & certification and calibration activity, CPRI will take necessary punitive action like blacklisting the customer from further business with CPRI for a specified period as per CPRI norms/guidelines.

23.0 Dispute Resolution

In the event of any dispute between the customer and CPRI, the same shall be resolved through mutual discussions. In the event of non-resolution of the dispute, the same shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and amendment or reenactment thereof. The Director General of CPRI shall appoint a sole arbitrator acceptable to all the parties and the decision of such arbitrator shall be binding on all the parties. The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in Bengaluru and the language of arbitration shall be English.

The court of jurisdiction for legal course, if any, shall be Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.