About Test Reports

  • Preliminary/ provisional Report
    • This report is issued at the request of the Customer after the completion of the tests, at no extra cost.
    • This report shall cover only the particulars of the equipment/products/samples tested such as its type serial number and rating, the type of test(s) conducted and the condition of the equipment/products as observed during/after the tests.
    • The contents of the preliminary report are only tentative and cannot be taken as the final verdict of the performance of the equipment/products for the test(s) conducted.
  • Test Report
    • Test report will be issued for the equipment/products tested, at no extra cost, but only upon payment of the final bill of test charges. In case of requirement of additional copies of test report/test certificate, the Customer shall inform the Testing Authority before commencement of the test. Separate charges will be levied for such requests.
    • The report will contain the record of the values of test results, the physical condition of the equipment/products during/after the test(s) copy(s) of Oscillogram(s), graphs, drawings, photographs, etc as appropriate.
  • Test Certificate
    • The sealed test certificate is issued, on request and on payment of additional 10% of the total test charges when an equipment/product/sample of a particular type and rating has satisfactorily passed all the specified tests in compliance with the conditions stipulated in a published National/International Standards.
    • This Certificate is issued in justification of the satisfactory rating of the equipment/product/sample for which it is tested.
  • Reproduction of Test Documents
    • The Customer is permitted to reproduce the test documents, at his option subject to the condition that the whole document is reproduced by a facsimile process with no part therefore obscured and the whole reproduction being legible. No other kind of reproduction shall be made without the written permission of the Testing Authority.

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