Website Monitoring Plan

  1.  Persons responsible

The following Quality Managers are responsible for the monitoring of the CPRI website:


Shri. Kodi Kalyan Srinivas
Engineering Officer
Email ID: kalyank [at] cpri [dot] in
Landline: 080- 2207 2533




  1. Frequency of monitoring

The CPRI website undergoes regular monitoring through manual methods as well as through web analyzer tools. The detailed report of the analyses is obtained through a web based interface at

This is password protected and is accessed by the NIC website Administrator. The monitored data is analyzed on a monthly basis by the NIC website administration team and reports are compiled. The compiled report will be made accessible to Quality Managers by NIC monthly and as and when required.

  1.  Monitored Parameters

Though reports can be obtained on virtually every aspect of the CPRI website, for regular analysis, the quality manger is responsible for analyzing and generating the following reports;

  • Visitor’s dashboard: This report presents an overview of the Visitors Pattern to the Portal.
  • Usage Pattern: geographic location of visitors i.e. from which cities and countries, visitors are visiting the website
  • Hits by hour of the day: This report shows the most and the least active hour of the day for the report period. If there are several days in the report period, the value presented is the sum of all hits during that period of time for all days.
  • Referring sites: This report identifies the domain names and IP addresses that refer visitors to the portal.
  • Search Phrases: This report identifies Phrases that led the most visitors to the site and for each phrase, which search engine led visitors to the site.
  • Top Pages: List of the most popular web pages on the portal and the number of visits for each.
  • Entry Pages: This report shows the first or “entry” pages viewed in all visits. Every visit has one and only one Entry Page. A visit’s entry page may or may not be the “home Page” The Entry Page for a visit depends on how a visitor arrived at the website.
  • Browsers: Browsers most common among visitors to the Website.
  • Platforms: Operating systems mostly used by visitors to access the CPRI website.

The CPRI website is also monitored for quality issues like spelling errors and broken links. Spelling check is done on a weekly basis and broken links are monitored daily.


 Utility of Monitored Parameters

  • Visitor’s pattern and usage pattern reports present the demography of the users and will be helpful in providing feedback for the personalization features that will be added in the new website.
  • Search phrases report is used to know what keywords are being used to search for the website. The Pages are then optimized for these keywords.
  • Top Pages are the most viewed pages and entry pages are the pages of the website other than homepage from where the User enters the homepage. Based on the search phrases report, these pages are first optimized for search engines.
  • Browser and platform reports are used to optimize the website for the most commonly used browsers.
  • Hits by hour of the day report is used to know the time of the day when there are maximum hits on the server. It is ensured that the servers must work optimally at these times.
  • Referring sites report is used for link exchange with the sites that are sending the maximum visitors to the website.
  • Spelling errors are rectified as soon as they are reported.
  • Broken links reports are scanned and correction made at the earliest.