About CPRI

Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) was established by the Government of India in 1960.  It became an Autonomous Society in the year 1978 under the aegis of the Ministry of Power, Government of India. For the last six decades, CPRI has been rendering dedicated service to the power sector.


Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) with its Head Office in Bengaluru has the following units across the country:



  • Switchgear Testing and Development Station       -     Bhopal
  • UHVRL Ultra High Voltage Research Laboratory   -     Hyderabad
  • Thermal Research Centre                                     -     Nagpur
  • Regional Testing Laboratory                                  -     Noida
  • Regional Testing Laboratory                                  -     Kolkata
  •  Regional Testing Laboratory                                 -     Guwahati 
  • Regional Testing Laboratory                                  -     Nasik (Establishment is under Progress)
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The Institute is managed by a Governing Council comprising of Members representing Government, Electrical utilities, Electrical industry and Academic institutions. The Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Power is the President of the Governing Council. The Chief Executive of this Institute is the Director General who is also Member - Secretary of the Governing Council.

The standing committee, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Power as Chairman, Member (Power Systems), Central Electricity Authority, Economic Adviser/ Joint Secretary, Ministry of Power, Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser, Ministry of Power as members and Director General, CPRI as convener examines and take decisions on all matters concerning the activities of the Society.

CPRI is self-sufficient and does not receive grants from the government for Non plan expenditure.

Over the years, CPRI has continuously developed the expertise in Transmission and Distribution Systems, Short Circuit Testing, Ultra High Voltage Testing,  Testing of  Power Capacitors, Power Cables and Accessories, Solar and LED lighting Systems,  Energy Metering, Energy Auditing, Transmission Line Tower Design, Conductor Vibration Studies, Seismic Testing, Transformer Oil Reclamation & Testing, Diagnostic & Condition Monitoring, Estimation of Remaining Life of Equipment, New Materials for Power System Application and other related fields.

Major Objectives of the Institute

  • Function as a National Power Research Organization for undertaking and sponsoring R&D projects in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution and operation of electricity supply systems.
  • Provide necessary centralized research and testing facilities for evaluation of electrical materials and performance of power equipment.
  • Serve as a National Testing and Certification Authority for the purpose of certification of rating and performance to ensure availability of quality equipment for use under conditions prevalent in Indian Power Systems.

Core Activities of CPRI

CPRI has played crucial role in creation of a conducive environment for R&D to flourish in the country by carrying out/coordinating various research projects on identified thrust areas leading to new technology development, evaluation studies for bringing out new standards and process improvement, in a collaborative nature involving Utility, Industry, Academia and Research Organizations. Some of the projects aim at design and development of indigenous technologies with the objective of cost reduction, import substitution and employment generation.

Research Schemes of Ministry of Power being implemented through CPRI are   

  1. In-House R&D
  2. Research Scheme on Power
  3. R&D under National Perspective Plan

CPRI is also coordinating research projects under Uchchatar Avishkar Yojana(UAY) of MHRD,impacting Research Innovation & Technology (IMPRINT) of MHRD and LED Research Scheme.

To further the cause of continuing education for the officers /scientists /engineers of Indian Power Sector, a Research Centre was established in the year 2013, which offers Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) positions leading to M.Sc. (Engg.) and Ph.D. under regular schemes. The Research Centre is recognized by Visvesvaraya Technological University Belagavi and Nagpur University. Being a research institute of repute, CPRI provides abundant opportunities for the Research Fellows to work on a wide range of meaningful research projects and to gain valuable experience, in the process of working on field-oriented R&D projects.

Being the fourth largest Research and Test House in the world, CPRI has built up expertise to cater to the entire gamut of services required by the power sector covering generation, transmission and distribution under one roof. CPRI houses unique facilities for evaluation of EHV / UHV equipment for 800/1200kV System. CPRI played a vital role in development of electrical industries in India.

Having established the-state-of-the-art laboratories duly accredited by NABL,CPRI offers specialized services for performance evaluation and certification of different kinds of power equipment as per BIS, IEC, ASTA, UL & other national and international standards 

Products Tested at CPRI are:

Distribution and Power Transformers Switchgears
Energy Meters and Smart meters Insulators
Isolators Transmission line towers
Lightning Arrestors    Cables and Conductors
Capacitors Transformer oil,
Motors and Invertors LED
Solar Pumps Refrigerators & Air conditioners and…. many more

CPRI Certification is widely accepted in the Middle East, Southeast and Far East Asia and in Africa. CPRI is also addressing the Testing and evaluation requirements of the countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, UK, USA, Australia etc.

CPRI offers expert consultancy services in the areas of Transmission and Distribution Systems, Power Quality, Energy Auditing, Power System Instrumentation. Transformer Oil Reclamation, new materials for Power System application, High Power, Extra High Voltage and related fields.

CPRI is recognized as a consultant by the Indian Boiler Regulatory Board to undertake condition monitoring and RLA studies on power station boilers.  Under power sector reforms, CPRI is rendering valuable assistance to the Regulatory Commissions such as carrying out estimation of loss in transmission and distribution systems.

Following are some of the areas of Consultancy services offered to the power utilities by CPRI

  1. Remaining Life Assessment Studies for power plants
  2. Diagnostic testing of generators and substation equipment
  3. Power System Design and Operational Studies
  4. Loss minimization in power distribution networks of utilities and Industries
  5. Failure analysis
  6. Distribution automation / Smart Grid
  7. Power System Insulation
  8. Third party inspection of Electrical systems and products
  9. Pollution Mapping
  10. Protection Audit
  11. Vendor analysis.

CPRI with comprehensive test facilities actively involved in The Standards & Labeling Programme of Bureau of Energy  Efficiency (BEE) provides the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving and thereby the cost saving potential of the relevant marketed product. The CPRI is carrying out check testing on the products like Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and Distribution Transformers etc.


CPRI has been carrying out Third Party Inspection of electrical equipment procured by Utilities and Industry. CPRI as STL – Member also carries out Third Party Witnessing of tests on Electrical Equipment for Overseas Customers. Assignments have been carried out in Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Indonesia etc which has resulted in enhancement of global acceptance of CPRI services.

CPRI carries out Vendor Analysis / Assessment for Power Utilities. The assignment involves detailed Technical Audit of Vendor Technical capabilities followed by a financial audit by CPRI experts. Based on the recommendations of CPRI, Power Utility accords approval to agencies for both new applications and renewals.

The present power sector scenario demands a very comprehensive and pragmatic approach to attract, utilize, develop and conserve valuable human resources by way of training, re-training and career prospects of the working engineers.  CPRI regularly organize training programs/ Residential courses for engineers sponsored from power sector utilities in India & abroad and electrical industries.  These programs include technical lectures by experts, laboratory visits, practical demonstration, case studies etc., CPRI’s training programmes are designed to help the utilities in developing a cadre of competent engineers for testing and maintenance of electrical equipment having requisite knowledge on the subject.

In addition to customized Training for Power Utilities and Industries, CPRI conducts both National and International Conferences and Seminars and Workshops on various topics of Electric power.