Citizen Charter

A Brief About the Institute

Central Power  Research Institute (CPRI) is an autonomous Society under the Ministry of Power. Set up in 1960 by the Government of India, it was re-organized into an autonomous society in 1978.

Governing Body of the Institute comprises Members representing Government, electrical utilities, industry and academic institutions. The Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Power, is the President of the Governing Council. The Chief Executive of this Institute is the Director General who is also Member Secretary of the Governing Council.

CPRI, besides serving as a Nodal Centre for applied Research in Electrical Power Engineering, serves as an Apex body for undertaking Testing & Certification of Power equipment. Being an Independent National Third Party Laboratory, CPRI:

  1. Provides prompt services to Manufacturers and Utilities in Quality Assurance Testing and Certification of products and goods delivered to Power Sector
  2. Provides assistance to Power Sector in improving efficiency and reliability in all spheres of activity
  3. Provides services in the areas of Condition Monitoring, Renovation, Modernization and life extension of power plant equipment through Diagnostic and Life Extension Studies for achieving economy and reliability in power systems
  4. Promotes applied research in Power System Technology Development

The Institute has Research laboratories and Testing facilities engaged in specialized fields at different locations in India. It has more than 200 Engineers and Scientists besides other supporting staff to guide and maintain various operations of the Institute. The headquarters of the Institute is in Bengaluru and its Units at Bhopal, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Noida, Kolkata and Guwahati.

Over the years, CPRI has built up expertise in the areas of transmission and distribution systems, Short Circuit Testing, Ultra High Voltage Testing, High Voltage Testing, Testing of Power Capacitors, Power Cables and Accessories, Solar and LED Lighting Systems, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Energymeters, Smart meters and various other electrical equipment. Expertise in Energy Auditing, Transmission Line Tower Design, Conductor Vibration Studies, Transformer Oil Reclamation and Testing, Diagnostic & Condition Monitoring, Estimation of Remaining Life of Equipment, New Materials for Power System Application and other related fields. The Institute has Seismic testing and Real Time Digital Simulation facility, the State-of-the-art Infrastructure facilities for undertaking Collaborative Research with academic Institutions, utilities and industry have been established.

Vision of CPRI:

To be the global leader in R&D, Testing and Consultancy in Electric Power through frontier Research and on the Cutting edge technologies.

Mission of CPRI:

To carry out applied research and provide quality services for achieving reliability and economy in power systems through excellent facilities, commitment and best practices, ensuring self-sustenance.

Contributions of CPRI to the Nation / Power Industry:

The greatest contribution of the Institute is its relentless efforts in aiding the development of the Electrical industry in the country and contribution to Technology development through evaluation of power equipment from 1960s. The facilities have been augmented in tune with the needs and growth of the power sector. Initially the Short circuit facility had a capacity of 50 MVA to cater to the development of LV (Low Voltage) equipment in the 60s and graduated to 1500 MVA and 2500 MVA capacities for testing equipment of 400kV rating. Similarly the High Voltage facility started with tests for 11kV rating, then graduated to 400 kV, 800kV and the Institute has facilities for testing 1200kV rated equipment. CPRI played a vital role in development of electrical industries in India.

The Institute has completed various R&D projects and has obtained/filed more than 90 Patents over the years. Many of them have been commercialized on a non-exclusive basis. To its credit, the Institute has published technical and Research papers in National & International fora. Both general and Customized Training programmes are being conducted and the Institute has trained over 10000 personnel over the years.

The Institute promotes applied Research leading to technology development in Power Sector. With the State-of-the-art infrastructure, CPRI has been carrying out R&D in the areas of electrical Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution in the endeavor to assist the Power Utilities to supply reliable, uninterrupted, safe and quality power to the consumers at affordable cost.

The Institute coordinates projects undertaken under the Research Scheme on Power involving Academia / Industry and Power Utilities including the projects under the National Perspective Plan.

CPRI organized annually more than 75 National / International Conferences; Workshops and Seminars on frontier topics for dissemination of knowledge to all stake holders.

CPRI has undertaken Power System Studies, Real Time Simulation of Power System Controls, Protection Audit of Generating stations and substations, Grid integration of Renewables, Power Quality Studies, Protection coordination studies.

RLA and R&M of Thermal & Hydro Power Plants, Failure analysis of industrial and plant components, Non-destructive evaluation of Thermal Power Station plant equipment.

Energy audit and Energy efficiency service for more than two decades and have undertaken audits in several energy intensive industries, thermal power stations (TPS), hydel power stations, Port trusts, oil refineries, refrigeration and air conditioning plants and buildings, etc.


The Public Interface is through enquiry received by the Institute from prospective customers who wish to avail services of CPRI through written enquiry/fax/telephone/e-mail, access of CPRI website and also through interaction by electric power utilities and electric manufacturing industries. CPRI has

  • Rich Experience in Testing, Research & Consultancy
  • Unique facilities for testing of electrical equipment to meet both National and International Standards
  • Laboratories have been accredited as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017
  • Accredited by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • CPRI is a Member in the group of Short Circuit Testing Liaison (STL) of Europe
  • Laboratories have been accredited by INTERTEK-ASTA, UK for testing of LV & MV Equipment, Power Transformers and Power Cables
  • Research & Consultancy activities of the Institute have been certified for ISO 9001:2015
  • Corporate Member in International bodies such as DLMS UA (Device Language Message Specification User Association), UCA IUG (Utility Communication Architecture International User Group)
  • Association with Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) and TUV Rheinland India Pvt. Ltd for testing LV equipment.
  • CPRI has been accredited as a Third Party Test Laboratory by INMETRO, Brazil for Brazilian Energy Labelling Program on Transformers.
  • Approved by Electricity Water Authority (EWA), Kingdom of Bahrain – Electricity Distribution Directorate (EDD) as an Independent testing and Certification Body.

Central Regional Testing Laboratory, Bengaluru

Research & Development:

The Center for Collaborative & Advanced Research (CCAR) has been established with the aim of creating a conducive environment for collaborative research between R&D Institutions, Industry and Academia.

Testing & Certification:

CPRI has built up expertise to cater to the entire gamut of services required by Power Sector covering Generation, Transmission and Distribution under one roof. CPRI houses unique facilities for evaluation of EHV/UHV equipment going into the 800kV/1200kV system. Test facilities have been created for:

  • High Power Short Circuit testing of Transformers/Switchgear
  • Transmission line Tower & accessories
  • Power Cables, Capacitors
  • Material characterization including CRGO
  • Insulators & Lightning Arresters
  • Vibration studies
  • Relays, Energymeters and Smart Meters
  • Refrigerators and Air Conditioners
  • Domestic appliances including LED and SPV Lighting Systems.

The Institute has comprehensive testing facilities for Seismic Qualification of electrical equipment, Real Time Digital Simulator for Power Systems Studies and Communication Protocol for Power System Automation.

Consultancy Services:

CPRI offers consultancy in the areas of:

  • Diagnostic & Condition Monitoring of HV substation and Power plant electrical equipment, Site testing of Transformer oil
  • Power System Studies, Real Time Simulation of Power System Controls, Protection Audit - Generating stations and substations, Grid integration of Renewables - Wind and Solar, Power Quality Studies - Harmonic Filter design, Protection coordination studies/Equipment setting calculations
  • RLA and R&M of Thermal & Hydro Power Plants, Failure analysis of industrial and plant components, Performance assessment of coal mills and cooling towers, In-situ oxide scale measurement in Super Heater and Re-heater tubes, Non-destructive evaluation of Thermal Power Station plant equipment, Corrosion mapping of water wall tubes of Boilers
  • Energy Efficiency Services like Energy Audit, Fuel Audit of Thermal Power Stations, training services in Plant Optimization for Thermal Power Stations
  • Power System Automation/Distribution Automation, Smart Grid

The Institute offers Third Party Inspection Services and Vendor Assessment for Utilities. CPRI is also offering its services for programmes initiated by Government of India.


CPRI has been in the forefront for disseminating the knowledge assimilated by way of in-house Research through organizing Technical Programmes. The training modules are designed to comprehensively address the specific needs of the power sector which has benefitted a large number of personnel from Electrical Utilities and Industries.

Services offered by Units are:

Switchgear Testing & Development Station (STDS), Govindpura, Bhopal

This Unit situated adjacent to the Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL) premises at Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, has two main testing stations for conducting short circuit tests.

Direct short circuit test station of 1500 MVA capacity utilising a specially designed short circuit alternator. This station mainly caters to short circuit tests on high and medium voltages switchgears, transformers and other allied equipment.

Online testing station drawing test power up to 100 MVA from the MPEB grid. This station mainly caters to short circuit tests on low voltage switchgears, transformers and other allied equipment.

The Unit has Supplementary Test laboratory, Calibration Laboratory, Energy Meter Testing Laboratory for conducting full Type Tests on Energy Meters and Smart Meters as per National / International Standards under one roof.

UHV Research Laboratory, Hyderabad

UHV Research laboratory has the necessary infrastructure to simulate actual operating conditions on an experimental line in the range of 220 kV to 1200 kV to evaluate its suitability and adaptability to Indian Power Systems taking into account the climatic, environmental, ecological and biological conditions pertaining to our country. This is a unique facility in this part of the world. Besides, the laboratory is capable of catering to electrical manufacturers for testing their High Voltage and UHV Equipment / components upto 800kV system (AC / DC).

The laboratory has facilities for Partial discharge measurement on Current Transformer, Capacitor Voltage Transformer, Bushings, GIS, etc., Accuracy measurement; type, routine and special tests on Instrument Transformers, HVDC pollution test on insulator strings by solid layer method, Dielectric test on high voltage electrical equipment, Radio interference voltage measurement and corona test on high voltage electrical equipment, Artificial Pollution test on insulators strings by salt fog method.

Thermal Research Centre, Nagpur

The facility has necessary infrastructure and expertise to take up operation and maintenance problems of thermal power generation in the country, in areas of:

  • Life Assessment, Renovation & Modernization and Life Extension studies, Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) of Thermal Power Station plant equipment like Boilers, Turbines & Condensers etc., and Condition assessment of RCC and steel structures in Thermal Power Plants and Process steam Industries.
  • Failure / Metallurgical Analysis of Power Plant / Process Industries components.
  • Energy Conservation in Power Plants & improvements in efficiencies of Combustion Auxiliaries and Interconnected Systems.
  • Insulation Audit, Steam Audit, Hot Spot Measurement in Boilers, Switch Yards, Transformers etc. i.e. Thermographic Inspection.
  • Flaws /crack depth in weld joints and other parts of the equipment by ultrasonic TOFD.
  • In-situ Oxide scale measurement in Super Heater and Re-heater tubes and life estimation.

Regional Testing Laboratory, Noida

The Regional Testing Laboratory (RTL) is located in Noida in the NCR Region. The laboratory is set up with a view to cater to the testing and evaluation needs of electrical power equipment manufacturers in the Northern region. The laboratories at RTL include High Voltage laboratory, Liquid Dielectric Laboratory, Cables Laboratory and Energy Meter Testing laboratory.

Regional Testing Laboratories, Kolkata and Guwahati

The facilities have been set up to cater to the needs of the Eastern and North Eastern Regions of the country. Both the facilities have state of art testing facilities for testing Transformer Oil. The Units are also housed with a mobile van for testing at Site. They also serve as liaison centres for consolidating the Testing and Consultancy requirements of the region.

Clientele Includes:

Reputed Indian & International Manufacturers and Power Utilities.

Address of Central Power Research Institute, Bengaluru

Central Power Research Institute
Prof.Sir.C.V.Raman Road,
Sadashivanagar P.O,
P.B. No.8066,
Bengaluru 560080

Address and Telephone Numbers of CPRI Units

  • Central Power Research Institute
    Switchgear Testing & Development Station,
    Govindapura, Bhopal 462023
    Phone: 0755 - 2586682,
    Fax: 0755 – 2587774;
    Mob: +91 9300812723
    Email: stds[at]cpri[dot]in 

  • Central Power Research Institute
    Thermal Research Centre,
    Dhuti, Wardha Road, Dongargaon,
    Maharashtra State, India.
    Phone : +91 9423103379 / 9405968116,
    Email: trc[at]cpri[dot]in 

  • Central Power Research Institute
    Regional Testing Laboratory
    Ist FLOOR, CTD Workshop, WBSEB,
    Abhikshan Campus, BN Block, Sector V,
    Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091
    Tel: 033-64511887,
    Fax: 033-23671477;
    Mob: +91 9957368288
    Email: manas[at]cpri[dot]in

  • Central Power Research Institute
    Ultra High Voltage Research Lab,
    Warangal Highway, Medipally P.O. Uppal,
    Hyderabad 500098
    Phone: 040 - 29808067,
    Fax: 040 - 29803378;
    Mob: +91 9440114115

  • Central Power Research Institute
    Regional Testing Laboratory,
    No. 3-A, Sector 62, Institutional Area,
    Noida-201309, UP
    Phone: 0120-2402823, 2402058,
    Fax: 0120-2402824;
    Mob: +91 9810803435

  • Central Power Research Institute
    Regional Testing Laboratory
    No 4, Type III (Old AT),
    ASEB Colony, Forest Gate
    Narangi, Guwahati - 781026
    Tel/Fax: 0361-2650299;
    Mob: +91 9957368288


For Further Details Regarding Testing & Certification Officer to be Contacted is

Shri. Shyam Sundar S
Joint Director
Customer Services & Coordination Division(CS&CD), CPRI
Prof.Sir.C.V.Raman Road, Sadashivanagar P.O,
P.B. No.8066, Bengaluru 560080
Phone : +91 - 080 - 2207 2210(Off.)
Mobile : 91 9449057569
Email : shyamsundar[at]cpri[dot]in


  • Short listed by Power Finance Corporation as Consultant for undertaking Renovation & Modernization / Remaining Life Assessment and Life Extension (LE) Studies for Coal Fired Thermal & Hydro Power Plants.
  • Pioneering work as Advisor-cum-Consultant for 3 states in the Accelerated Power Development Reforms Programme (APDRP) and presently TPIA-Energy Accounting in R-APDRP/IPDS project in Karnataka
  • Empanelled as SCADA DMS Consultant and working on Projects in Telangana and Hyderabad.
  • Participation in Govt. of India – RGGVY, DDUGY, IPDS programme for the states of Karnataka, Kerala. and Odisha
  • Consultancy services for Design & Development of Smart Grid Pilot Project for BESCOM.
  • Evaluation of DISCOM schemes like NJY, HVDS
  • Equipment Tested: Switchgear, Transformers, Cables, Panels, Insulators, Bushings, Lightning Arresters, Capacitors, Insulating Materials, Transmission Line Towers and Domestic Electrical Appliances including Refrigerators and Air Conditioners and many more.
  • Communication Protocol laboratory, a unique facility equipped with Test tools for carrying out protocol conformance tests and DNP for testing of Energy meters, RTU, Protective equipment etc.
  • Consultancy in the area of Power Systems and Hydro/Thermal Power Plants.
  • Third Party Inspection services for equipment procured by Utilities- OPTCL-Orissa; HVPNL - Haryana, PDD – Jammu & Kashmir, DTL, BESCOM etc.
  • Vendor Assessment for Utilities – Over 150 Vendors assessed for their Technical and Financial capabilities
Future plans:

The Institute engages itself in a constant dialogue with the Power Utilities and Industry for assessing the growing requirements of the Power Sector. The exercise has helped in identifying the gaps in CPRI facilities and accordingly the gaps are bridged with funding from Government of India under the Plan Scheme. CPRI is in the process of adding two more 2500MVA Short circuit Generators which will enhance the efficiency and also reduce the turnaround times for customers. Besides, equipment of higher rating can be tested by the addition of generators which will obliterate the need for going overseas for testing activity. To name a few:

  • Augmentation of High Power Short Circuit Test facilities by installation of two additional 2500MVA Generators and associated equipment
  • Establishment of 350MVA Online Short Circuit Test Station at UHV Research Laboratory, Hyderabad
  • Establishment of New Test facilities and New Regional Testing Centres

Today, CPRI is one of the largest Research and Testing Houses in the world with a gamut of facilities under one roof. As far as evaluation of power equipment alone is concerned, CPRI is one among the largest laboratories in the world. The vision of CPRI is to emerge globally as the single largest service provider in the next 10 years. In this context, action plan has been drawn up to plug the gaps in facilities, upgrade the technical manpower skills and focus on Customer Satisfaction.                                                                                                                     

Commitment to standard:

The laboratories of the Institute have been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories for ISO/IEC 17025:2017. The Institute has a well framed quality policy and the quality policy is adhered to by all the employees of the Institute. CPRI laboratories conduct testing & certification activities as per the National & International Standards like BIS Standard, BS Standards, IEC Standards, etc.

Quality Policy of CPRI is detailed below:

Quality policy:

Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) is the National Institute for Research and Development in Electrical Power Engineering. CPRI is also an Independent Third Party Testing & Certification organization, and undertakes R&D, Consultancy projects for Power Sector.

CPRI is always committed to maintain competence, consistent quality and impartiality in third party testing, certification and calibration activities for meeting the requirements of National and International Standards. It is committed to timely and successful completion of R&D and consultancy projects to the entire satisfaction of its sponsors and customers.

The Quest for quality and continual improvement is an on-going process at CPRI. Best professional practices of CPRI & confidence of the customers in the quality of its services is a reliable base for its present and future business.

The Quality Policy & Management System is integrated and implemented through the active involvement of the entire organization, for compliance to ISO/IEC 17025-2017 standard requirements in respect of its testing & certification, calibration services and to ISO 9001-2015 Standard in respect of its R&D, Training and Consultancy Services.

All facilities required for implementation of this policy will be provided.

Our staff:what to expect from them:

The Institute has its Units located at Bhopal, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Noida, Kolkata, Guwahati besides Bengaluru, having specific areas of specialization in the fields of Short Circuit Testing, High Voltage, Insulation, Liquid Dielectrics, Transmission Line design etc. The Institute expects its staff to strictly adhere to the commitment made to the customer regarding conduct of tests and also adhere strictly to the quality assurance norms.

Keeping you informed:

Information relating to the services offered by the Institute is well publicised through its brochures and detailed literature on facilities/expertise available. The Institute also publishes a quarterly News Letter titled "CPRI News" highlighting its achievements which is mailed to all Utilities, listed manufacturers & CPRI customers, which can also be obtained from Joint Director (Information and Publicity Division), CPRI, Prof.Sir.C.V.Raman Road, Sadashivanagar P.O, P.B. No.8066, Bengaluru 560 080, Phone: 080 2207 2210, Fax: 080 23601213, Email: shyamsundar[at]cpri[dot]in Website:

Whom to Contact

Whom to contact:

The Institute has appointed two Officers under Right to Information Act 2005 to provide access to the citizens to Government records. Shri M. Janardhana, Central Public Information Officer/Additional Director, CPRI, Prof.Sir.C.V.Raman Road, Sadashivanagar P.O, P.B.No.8066, Bengaluru 560080, Mob: +91 9480523973, Phone: 080-2207 2413, Fax: 080-23601213, Email: janardhana[at]cpri[dot]in and   Shri.Kishore Kumar G, Central Assistant Public Information Officer/Joint Director, CPRI, Prof.Sir.C.V.Raman Road, Sadashivanagar P.O, P.B.No.8066, Bengaluru 560080, Mob: +91 9449025480, Phone: 080-2207 2427, Fax: 080-23601213, Email: kishorekumar[at]cpri[dot]in

The Institute has set-up a Public and Staff Grievance Cell wherein the Grievance Officer, Shri. Swaraj Kumar Das, Additional Director, Prof.Sir.C.V.Raman Road, Sadashivanagar P.O, P.B. No.8066, Bengaluru 560 080, Mob: +91 9886643757, Phone: 080-2207 2353, Fax: 080-23601213 Email: skdas[at]cpri[dot]in redresses the complaint of the public and staff in a fair, objective and just manner. He communicates with the divisional heads and laboratories for collection of specific details and examination of grievances. The Grievance Cell analyses grey areas for prevention of recurring grievances. Suggestions are also made for systematic procedural correction, review of policies and procedures which contribute to public/staff grievance. The grievance officer interacts with the Director General, CPRI, who is the head of the Institute for taking appropriate decision for alleviating the grievance. The Officer can be contacted during the afternoon of 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month from 1.30 PM to 5.30 PM.

The Customers can also interact through CPRI web site at wherein an interaction platform is available for addressing the grievances.

Easy access through CPRI web site as well as by email and commitment to customer regarding adherence to quality norms.

What to expect to set it right:

Most of the laboratories of CPRI are having accreditation of National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and Research & Consultancy activities of the Institute have been certified for ISO 9001:2015 under which customer complaint/redressal is one of the main thrusts which is reviewed by the audit team once in every six months and necessary action/recommendations made by the audit team is subsequently reviewed by Management for implementation. The feed back form for evaluation of CPRI services is enclosed at Annexure-I.

How You Can Help Us

The Institute also conducts an Annual Customer Meet for evaluating the customer perception of CPRI services. Suggestions are taken from all the customers for offering better services and facilities. Our website feedback form may please be used for any suggestion/information. Suggestion books/registers are available at every laboratory of CPRI, which may kindly be used for on the spot suggestion while using the laboratories.

Customer Feedback Form

Dear Customer,

At the outset we thank you for having utilized our the state-of-the-art facilities. We are in the process of evaluating the quality of services rendered by our laboratories. We request you to spare your valuable time in expressing free and frank opinion in the feedback form below. The matter will be treated as confidential & will be discussed by the management. We assure you that we shall be intimating you about the action taken on the issue raised.

Please  Click here to Download the Customer Feedback Form

Please handover this filled form to the Head of the Laboratory before leaving CPRI Premises.