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Development of DLMS / COSEM (Device Language Message Specification / Companion Specification for Energy Metering) testing tool f

Title of the Project:
Development of DLMS / COSEM (Device Language Message Specification / Companion Specification for Energy Metering) testing tool for Smart Energy Meter

Sponsoring organization:
Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITY), Govt. of India.
Rs. 166.11 lakhs (MEITY – 99.27 lakhs & CPRI – 66.84 lakhs)
Brief Description of the project:
The project aims at developing an indigenous test tool for testing Smart meters in India with the help of One common test tool in place of various test tools for certification of Smart meters to comply with IS 16444/ 15959 series. 

The DLMS/COSEM open protocol standard is accepted for communication between various devices, especially in the case of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) deployment involving Smart Meters, Data Concentrator Units, Meter Data Management Systems and Smart Home Appliances. Testing of DLMS/ COSEM communication modules is a major requirement in order to make sure that these devices are conforming to the National / International standards. The proposed tool is not only used for testing meters but also have the features of a meter data acquisition system.

The sponsored project is being implemented jointly by CPRI, Bangalore in association with CDAC Thiruvananthapuram.

Project Coordinator: Smt.Viji Bharathi, Engineering Officer Gr.4, Metering & Utility Automation Division, CPRI, Bengaluru

Co-Coordinator: Shri.Jiju.K., Joint Director, Power Electronics Group, C-DAC, Thiruvananthapuram
Benefits for the Power Sector:
1)CPRI has been contributing in evolving & adopting International Standard for Metering in India. 
2)Then evolved the Indian Standard (IS 15959) for proper implementation of the IEC standard based on open protocol (DLMS - Device Language Message Specification which is the state-of-art communication protocol) and wide ranging selective features (Parameterization) thereof, for application in Indian networks. 
3)CPRI has taken initiative along with CEA and other experts in bringing out the Standard IS 15959 (Part 1): 2011 for Static Energy Meters through BIS, i.e. “Data exchange for electricity meter reading, tariff and load control – Companion specification” which inherits the IEC 62056 series of standards.
4)The Standard IS 15959 series has been extended to Smart meters based on technical specifications & functional requirements published in June 2013 by CEA.
5)CPRI is contributing towards roll out of Smart Meters in India which can be economically viable through One common test tool as per Indian Utility requirement as a Make in India Product and as part of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

Contact Details: 
Dr. P Kaliappan, 
Joint Director/HoD, 
Metering and Utility Automation Division (MUAD), 
Mob: +91 9449149924, 
Ph: +91-80-2207 2449, 
Email: kaliappanatcpri [dot] in


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Seismic Performance Evaluation of Corroded RCC Frames Using Shake Table Tests - EVRC

Title of the Project:
Seismic Performance Evaluation of Corroded RCC Frames Using Shake Table Tests

Sponsoring organization:
M/s BARC, Mumbai

Rs. 36 Lakhs

Brief Description of the project:
The main objective of these tests will be helpful in evaluating the ductility and load carrying capacity of corroded frames.  The load carrying capacity of uncorroded structure will be compared with that of corroded structure. 

Experimental valuation of seismic response of 2D RCC framed structure model with different levels of reinforcement and corrosion.  
Benefits for the Power Sector:
Safety related structures like Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) structures are situated near sea. This is the main cause of corrosion in these structures. Most of these structures have reached their service life. 
In order to extend the life of such structures, it is necessary to evaluate the seismic capability with different level of corrosion and reinforcement. The failures of different frames are evaluated under this project.

Contact Details:
Panneer Selvam R
Joint Director/HoD
Earthquake Engineering and Vibration Research Centre (EVRC)
Mob: +91 9740359633
Phone : +91 80 2207 2487
Email:  selvamatcpri [dot] in/ evrcatcpri [dot] in