Temperature Rise Test Laboratory

Temperature rise test facilities are available to test upto 2.5MVA 33/22/11kV class Distribution Transformers.

Temperature rise test facility on LV/HV Switchgear Equipments along with associated assemblies is available.

  • Conventional Current Sources are available to test up to 10kA.
  • Feeder Loading Units as a Current Sources are also available to test up to 10kA with a desired diversity factor for better flexibility in current balancing.

Contact Details

Mr. Swaraj Kumar Das
HOD/Additional Director
Short Circuit Laboratory
Phone: +91 (0) 80 - 22072353 
Fax: +91 (0) 80 – 23601213
E-Mail : skdas@cpri.in / scl@cpri.in
Mobile: +91 9886643757

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