Supplementary Test Laboratory

Environment Test Facilities
Environment test facilities for Dry heat, Damp heat are available with climatic chambers up to 3 cubic meter capacity with -40°C to +150° C temperature ranges and humidity control of 20% to 98%.
Glow wire test (up to 960° C) and ball pressure test are possible on insulating materials.

High Voltage Test Facilities

An impulse voltage generator (0 to 35kV, 1.2/50 µs) with the necessary measuring and recording systems are also available in the laboratory to perform impulse tests on LV switchgear and controlgear equipment,
Surge immunity test facility is available to test LV equipment up to 3000A @ 8/20 µs and impulse voltage up to 12 kV at 1.2/50 µs.
Ring wave test facility at 200A, 0.5 µs/100kHz on RCCB and RCBO can be performed.
High voltage power frequency tests up to 200 kV ac for 1 min and induced overvoltage tests up to 1000 V 200 Hz are possible.

Endurance Test Facilities

The laboratory also has facility to carry out electrical endurance testing on switches, circuit breakers, contactors etc.
(i) AC Tests:  current up to 2500 A at 415V rating and 400 A at 690 V rating.
(ii) DC Tests: Up to 2000 A 2000 V

Other Test Facilities

  • Lifting and mechanical impact tests (up to IK 10) on LT panels/Distribution boards etc.
  • Accuracy Test on non – conventional current transformer like Rogowski coil and optical CT can also be performed.
  • Smart Energy Meter Testing
  • Noise Level facility
    Dedicated sound proof room are available for conducting sound level measurement tests on Distribution Transformers upto 2.5 MVA Distribution Transformers can be tested.
  • Test facility has been created to conduct Influence of Short time overcurrent and Load Switching capability test, Fault current making capacity test, Short circuit current Carrying capacity, minimum switched current etc., on Smart Meters and Pre-payment meter as per National and International standards.

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