Short Circuit Test Laboratory

The laboratory has 50 MVA short circuit test capacity. By using this facility Short-time current tests 65kA rms for 1.0s and 40kA rms for 3s can be performed on various electrical equipment. The laboratory is also equipped with a DC test facility upto 600 V, 30kA for 3.0s. Further Short Circuit breaking capacity tests upto 65kA, 460V can be performed. The laboratory is equipped with a modern digital measuring and recording systems. A digital transient recorder with reputed data acquisition system enables processing and evaluation of the test data.

The Laboratory has facility to carry out the following tests:

  • Breaking capacity on LV Circuit Breakers upto 65 kA rms at 460 V maximum
  • Short time withstand current test up to 65 kA rms for 1 s, 40kA rms for 3 s on LT/HT Panels, Bus-ducts etc.
  • Dynamic / Thermal short circuit test on Distribution Transformers up to 500 kVA 11 kV class
  • Dynamic / Thermal short circuit test up to 40kA rms for 1 s on Cables & Cable accessories
  • Rated Making and breaking capacities on Contactors and Motor starters up to 630 A, 415V rating
  • Breaking capacity test on LV fuses up to 50 kA rms at 460 V maximum
  • Short time current test on Isolators / Earth Switches of voltage rating up to 33 kV for 31.5 kA rms for 3 s.
  • Short time current test on CT’s up to 132 kV class up to 40 kA for 3 s.
  • Electrical endurance test on Circuit Breakers up to 415V 2500A.

Contact Details

Mr. Swaraj Kumar Das
HOD/Additional Director
Short Circuit Laboratory
Phone: +91 (0) 80 - 22072353 
Fax: +91 (0) 80 – 23601213
E-Mail : /
Mobile: +91 9886643757

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