Mission on Advanced and High-Impact Research (MAHIR)

The Ministry of Power and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy have jointly launched a National Mission to quickly identify emerging technologies in the power sector and develop them indigenously, at scale, for deployment within and outside India. The National Mission, titled “Mission on Advanced and High-Impact Research (MAHIR)” aims to facilitate indigenous research, development and demonstration of the latest and emerging technologies in the power sector. By identifying emerging technologies and taking them to the implementation stage, the Mission seeks to leverage them as the main fuel for future economic growth and thus make India a manufacturing hub of the world.


An Office Memorandum has been issued by MoP  to this effect, which can be accessed here.

The Mission will be funded by pooling financial resources of the Ministry of Power, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the Central Public Sector Enterprises under the two Ministries. Any additional funding needed will be mobilized from Government of India's budgetary resources.

Planned for an initial period of five years from 2023-24 to 2027-28, the Mission will follow the technology life cycle approach of Idea to Product. Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bengaluru will provide all necessary secretarial assistance.


Mission Objectives


The key objectives of the Mission are as follows:

  • To identify emerging technologies and areas of future relevance for the Global Power Sector and take up indigenous end-to-end development of relevant technologies
  • To provide a common platform for Power Sector Stakeholders for collective brainstorming, synergetic technology development and devise pathways for smooth transfer of technology
  • To support pilot projects of indigenous technologies (developed especially by Indian Start-ups) and facilitate their commercialization
  • To leverage foreign alliances and partnerships to accelerate research & development of advanced technologies and to build competencies, capabilities and access to advanced technologies through bilateral or multilateral collaborations, thereby facilitating exchange of knowhow and Technology Transfer.
  • To seed, nurture and scale up scientific and industrial R&D and to create vibrant & innovative ecosystem in the Power Sector of the country
  • To make our Nation among the leading Countries in Power System related Technologies & Applications development

At present the mission seeks inputs from the stakeholders of the Power Sector for Technologies that can be taken up for development under the Mission. The suggestions can be mailed to mvrao [at] cpri [dot] in .


(Note: The information presented on this page is revised in accordance with the progress of the Mission. We recommend that you visit regularly to stay informed about the latest updates.)