Capacitors Division (CD)

Capacitors Division of CPRI, Bangalore has established state-of-the-art facilities to cater to the requirements of Capacitor Manufacturers within the country and abroad for Research, Testing and Evaluation of Power Capacitors which have applications as shunt capacitors, series capacitors, surge protection capacitors, motor capacitors, fan capacitors, fluorescent capacitors, etc. Tests are carried out as per National and International Standards and also developmental tests as per Customers’ requirement. Laboratory also has facilities for undertaking tests on filter reactors and series damping reactors associated with LV capacitors. The laboratory with the unique facilities is the first of its kind in this part of the world. Recently, facilities for testing LV APFC panels have been augmented including temperature rise test.

Contact Details

Dr.T. Bhavani Shanker
Joint Director / HOD
Capacitors Division
Ph: 080 2207 2321
Mob: +91 9448141980

Facilities Available/Laboratories

Consultancy Projects

1. Development of Indian Standard Specification for LV APFC Panels – Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), New Delhi, Sponsored R&D project was completed and the standard IS 16636:2017 has been released by BIS, New Delhi.
2. Development and demonstration of ultra-capacitors and lead-acid batteries based hybrid storage for a 3kW solar-powered micro-grid-IHRD project.
3. Selection of appropriate type of LV capacitors for LV distribution system.
4. Review of Specification for HV and LV capacitor banks
5. Root cause analysis of premature failure of capacitors
6. New product development
7. Consultancy and field engineering services for On-Line partial discharge measurement on power transformers in services.
8. Any specific problem of Power Capacitor Manufacturers, Utilities, Academic Institutions etc.