Roles & Responsibilities

(i) Function as a National Power Research Organization for undertaking and/or sponsoring research and development projects in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution and operation of electricity supply systems
(ii) Provide necessary centralized research and testing facilities for evaluation of electrical materials and performance of power equipments.
(iii) Serve as a National Testing and Certification Authority for the purpose of certification of rating and performance to ensure availability of equipment of adequate quality for use under conditions prevalent in Indian Power Systems.
(iv) Act as an apex body for initiating and co-ordinating the R&D in the field of electric power.
(v) Evolve criteria for standards of various equipments for the operation under Indian conditions and effectively participate in formulation of national standard specifications.
(vi) Identify problems in the areas of basic and oriented basic research and arrange such studies in national academic Institutions.
(vii) Co-ordinate R&D activities in the various State Electricity Boards and maintain liaison with other Institutions engaged in research connected with the power systems and/or power equipments.
(viii) Collect information and maintain documentation in the field of power engineering and prepare, print and publish any paper, periodical or report in the furtherance of the objects of the society.
(ix) Establish, maintain and manage laboratories, workshops and other facilities for furthering scientific and technological research and conduct experiments for exploiting the invention or discoveries to the cause of power development in the country.
(x) Enter into agreement with any enterprise or institutions or person or persons and provide funds to them to carry out research and development programme of the society.