UHV Indoor shielded Laboratory

UHV research laboratory has commissioned new UHV Indoor shielded laboratory. The laboratory is of dimensions 50 m (L) X 35 m (W) X 35 m (H) and is completely shielded from external interferences. The laboratory has a 1200 kV, 2 A, AC test system with partial discharge test facility for Instrument transformers, bushings and other high voltage equipment. The laboratory is equipped with 1200 kV, 20 pF standard capacitor, capacitance and dielectric dissipation factor measuring bridge, Accuracy measurement system for Current transformers and Inductive voltage transformers, 10 kA, 20 V High Current Source. With the above facilities, the laboratory can conduct type tests on current transformers and voltage transformers as per relevant national and international standards.

Contact Details

Dr.Pradeep M.Nirgude
Additional Director, The Unit Head
Ultra High Voltage Research Laboratory
Phone:+91(0)40-27208067, 29801724, 22072051,
Mob: +91 9440114115
Email: pmnirgude@cpri.in / uhvrl@cpri.in

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