Pollution laboratory (UHVRL)

The pollution laboratory is established to conduct pollution tests & research on performance of insulator strings, lightning arresters & other power equipment’s under polluted conditions. The pollution laboratory is a cylindrical concrete shell structure with 27 m height and 24 m diameter and is one of the largest pollution laboratories. The pollution spraying system conforms to the international IEC 60507 standards.

The AC test voltage source is outside the pollution laboratory and a wall mounted bushing, rated at 850 kV / 100 A, leads the supply to the test object inside the laboratory. The bushing is at 15 meters above ground. The laboratory is located at an altitude of 540 meters above mean sea level.

The pollution laboratory has conducted extensive research work on evaluation of performance of RTV coated porcelain insulators under pollution conditions in an aging chamber. The laboratory has developed data acquisition system for continuous on-line monitoring of leakage current of RTV coated porcelain disc insulators under pollution chamber. The results are published in reputed international journals and conferences.

Contact Details

Dr.T. Bhavani Shanker
Joint Director, The Unit Head
Ultra High Voltage Research Laboratory
Phone:+91(0)40-27208067, 29801724, 22072051,
Email: tbs@cpri.in / uhvrl@cpri.in

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