Impulse Laboratory (UHVRL)

The impulse laboratory has been set up at UHV RL, Hyderabad to undertake research & development studies for breakdown characteristics of air insulation, optimization of window clearance and transmission lines in EHV/UHV range. Accordingly, research projects were as undertaken, to carryout studies facilitating introduction of EHV/UHV lines in the voltage range of 765 kV to 1200 kV AC lines. The facility is also used for the purpose of quality assurance testing which will help in the development of EHV/UHV apparatus by Indian manufacturers.

The impulse voltage generator can generate 4.4 MV standard lightning impulse of 1.2/50 us under dry condition and 3.2 MV switching impulse of 250/2500 us with the standard load of 2nF. In addition to these, High Resolution Impulse Analyzing system, Reference Impulse Calibrator, Recurrent Surge Generator, Unit Step Generator, 50 cm standard sphere gap etc. equipment are available in the laboratory to carry out testing activities and conducting performance tests on measuring system to meet the requirements of the standards. As far impulse voltage testing is concerned, the generator is one among a few in the world with regard to its rating and there is no limitation on the impulse testing of electrical equipment of any rating up to 1200 kV class voltage levels.

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Dr.Pradeep M.Nirgude
Additional Director, The Unit Head
Ultra High Voltage Research Laboratory
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