DC Laboratory

The DC laboratory has been set up to conduct DC voltage withstand/Flashover test – Dry, DC voltage withstand / Flashover test – Wet, Corona Voltage tests, RIV tests, Pollution tests with pulse currents up to 2A on DC equipment as per National and International standards. The laboratory is equipped with a ± 1200 kV HVDC test system comprising of two separate DC sources giving positive and negative polarity voltages respectively. Each pole comprises of a two stage DC generator with an integrated DC voltage measuring divider and earthing device. The DC test system is suitable for continuously feeding a 720 m experimental transmission line with voltages up to +/- 1200kV DC individually in monopole mode or simultaneously in bi-pole mode.

Contact Details

Dr.Pradeep M.Nirgude
Additional Director, The Unit Head
Ultra High Voltage Research Laboratory
Fax : +91 (0)40 27203378
Mob: +91 9440114115