Supplementary Test Laboratory

Besides catering to Routine Tests as per requirements of all follow-up tests for the short circuit tests taken up in the other two Short-Circuit Testing Laboratories (Test station-I & II), this laboratory facilities were extended/ developed to take up a number of type tests on LV & HV electrical equipment.

Presently, the facilities are divided in the following laboratories:

  • High Voltage Lab
  • Temperature Rise Test Lab
  • CT and VT Test Lab
  • Partial Discharge Lab
  • Mechanical and Electrical Endurance Lab
  • ACB, MCCB, MCB, RCCB, Contactors and Fuse Test Lab
  • IP Test lab


  • Lightning impulse Withstand and Flashover Test. (upto 50MVA, 220kV Class on transformers and 400kV class on switchgears and disconnectors)
  • Power frequency voltage withstand test.(Dry & Wet)
  • Temperature rise test (for LT/HT Switchgears upto 25 kA & Transformers upto 20 MVA).
  • Routine and type tests on Current Transformer upto 25000 Amps and Voltage Transformer upto 132kV Class Test Facility.
  • Ingress Protection against solid and liquid particles upto IP 68.
  • Partial discharge test upto 100kV.
  • Environmental & Humidity test.
  • Induced over voltage test.
  • All Tests on LT ACB/MCCB/Fuses/RCCB/MCB barring SC & EMI/EMC Facility.
  • Mechanical Endurance Test Set on LT Switchgear and HT Switchgears

Equipments Facility :

  • 350 kV, 250 kVA High Voltage transformer of Kirloskar Make.
  • 2400 kV, 240 kJ impulse generator of BHT make.
  • 800 kV, 20 kJ impulse generator of Haefely make.
  • 35kV, 100 J impulse generator for testing HT & LT equipments of Haefely Make.
  • High current transformers and regulators for temperature rise upto 25 kA. The set-up is unique in India.
  • High current transformers and regulators for temperature rise upto 10 kA and 2000 A.
  • Multiple current injection set for temperature rise of LT switchgears to feed rated current in each feeder (Make: Sarman).
  • The CT-PT test set-up for tests upto 25000A CT primary current and 132kV PT primary voltage respectively. The measuring equipments are microprocessor based of Tettex make and has a very high accuracy.
  • Resistance and reactance banks for electrical endurance tests on equipments rated upto 630A, 415V.
  • Timers and PLCs for mechanical endurance and other sequential tests.

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Joint Director 
Switchgear Testing &
Development Station
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