1250MVA Short circuit Laboratory

The 1500 MVA short circuit testing station of STDS, CPRI, Bhopal has two specially designed Short Circuit Alternators of rating 1500MVA each. The First Short Circuit Alternator was commissioned in the year 1968, supplied by M/s Oerlikon, Switzerland. It is conventional rotating type machine. The second Short Circuit Alternator was commissioned in the year 1996, supplied by M/s Alstom, France. Its excitation system is static with static frequency converter drive. Since then, there has been evolution of new technology and development, hence the static frequency converter and generator excitation system for Alstom make S.C. generator was upgraded and modified for motorless operation of the S.C. Generator. Motorless operation of 1500MVA S.C. Generator, which is advantageous mainly due to removal of drive motor which results in saving from costly maintenance and revenue loss due to downtime of test station during drive motor maintenance.

1500MVA short circuit station mainly caters the short circuit tests on high and medium voltage switchgears, transformers and other allied equipments. The laboratory has got five Test Cells for testing of various equipments.


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Switchgear Testing &
Development Station
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