Oil Test Laboratory (Bhopal)

This Oil Test Laboratory at STDS Bhopal was established in year 2007 in Central region of India to cater the testing need of Power transformer industries, Manufacturers and Utilities for quality check of New transformer oil meeting specification and its in-service performance evaluation along with supervision of oil filled electrical equipment in field for their proper functioning. The lab is equipped with state of art equipment for carrying out various testing on new & serviced mineral transformer oil as per latest Indian and International Standards.

The oil test parameters like   Breakdown Voltage, Specific Resistance ( Resistivity), Dielectric Dissipation Factor ( Tan-delta),  Water/Moisture Content, Interfacial tension, Flash Point, Sludge & Sediment content, Neutralization value (Acidity), Colour & Appearance, Particle count & Sizing, Density, Viscosity etc. are carried out as per latest IS 1866-2017 ( Mineral Insulating Oil in electrical equipment supervision and maintenance guidance) and IS 335:2018 ( New Insulating Oils – Specification) along with Dissolved Gas Analysis ( DGA) as per applicable IS/IEC/ASTM test methods.

The testing and analysis is done by qualified test engineers. We provide un-interrupted timely testing services to various customers. We also provide sampling services and guidance to our customers. Our services are approved and NABL accredited.  The lab is fully air conditioned and environmentally maintained for testing as standard requirement. 


Contact Details

Smt. Sumbul Munshi
Joint Director 
Switchgear Testing &
Development Station
Phone : +91(0)755 2586682
Mob: +91 9425021493
E-Mail: sumbul@cpri.in / stds@cpri.in

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