High Voltage Laboratory

High Voltage (HV) laboratory at CPRI Noida has facilities to undertake routine testing of all types of distribution transformers up to the rating of 1MVA and type testing of distribution and power transformers, Insulators of various categories, Control Panels, CT, PT, CT-PT Unit, Various types of bushings, Isolators, AB switch as per Indian and International standards .In addition the laboratory can undertake ingress protection test on panels, Dry and wet power frequency voltage withstand and flashover tests on various products up to 200KV, lightening  impulse voltage withstand and flashover tests on various products.


The facility has been accredited for Electrical testing as per ISO/IEC 17025 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Govt of India.



Types of test Conducted



IS:1180, IS:2026(part-1&3), IEC: 60076-1,3



IS 731  IS 2544 , IS 1445, IS 431809, IEC 60383-1 , IEC 60383-2 ,IEC: 61109, IEC 61952, ANSI C29.2, C29.5


LT Panel/ Control Panels

IS/IEC: 61439, IEC: 61439


Isolators and AB switches, VCB Panel,

IEC 62271-1, IEC 62271-102 , IEC62271-103

IS/IEC 62271-1 , IS/IEC:62271-102 , IS/IEC62271-1033



IS: 2099, IEC: 60137


D.O. Fuse, H.G Fuse

IS: 9385, IEC: 60282


Current Transformer

 IEC 61869 IEC 61869-2 2016 & IS 16227-(part 2) ANSI/IEEE C57.13TM,  IS 16227


Our facilities are being extensively used by all power Utilities and major power equipments manufacturers from India. In addition to this our Clientele includes Clients from Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and Countries from Middle East like Saudi Arabia and UAE.

New test facility added

New test facility of Ingress protection according to IEC:60529, IS/IEC: 61439 & IEC: 61439 has been added to this laboratory.

Contact Details

Manoj Kumar Jaiswal
Joint Director The Unit Head
Regional Testing Laboratory
Telephone No: 0120-2402823, 2402058
Mob:+91 9810803435
E-mail: jaiswal@cpri.in / rtlnoida@cpri.in

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