Cables Laboratory (RTL Noida)

Cables lab at CPRI Noida has facilities to undertake type testing of all types of power cables of rating 1.1 kV up to 33 kV voltage rating and their accessories as per Indian and International standards. In addition, the laboratory can undertake partial discharge test and dielectric loss power factor measurement on current transformers, bushings and surge arrestors, Ring main Units etc.


The facility has been accredited for Electrical testing as per ISO/IEC 17025 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Govt of India.

Sl.NO Product/Sample Type of Tests Conducted


Paper/PVC/XLPE/EPR Power cables of Voltage rating up to 33 kV


 All type test like partial discharge test, Tan delta measurement, Conductor Resistance Test, Tensile Test, Hot Deformation Test, Hot Set test, Shrinkage Test, Thermal Stability test etc


 Cable Accessories


 All type test like partial discharge test, DC High Voltage Test, Impulse Test, Load Cycle Test Etc.


Elastomeric,& Polymeric insulated Power cables up to 33 kV


 IS 7098 Part I,II, & III, IS 1554 Part I.& II, IS 694, IEC 60502 –1,IEC 60502-2


 Aerial bunched cables, Mining Cables


 IS 14255, IS 14494


 Cable joints & Terminations


 IS 13573, IS 13705, IEC 60502-4,VDE 0278- 629,


Facilities for undertaking R & D Activities on various power cables and accessories.


Expertise for Pre Commissioning tests on HV Cable at site, Failure analysis of Power Cables and accessories


Our facilities are being extensively used by all power Utilities and major power equipments manufacturers from India. In addition to this our Clientele includes Clients from Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and Countries from Middle East like Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Contact Details

Manoj Kumar Jaiswal
Joint Director The Unit Head
Regional Testing Laboratory
Telephone No: 0120-2402823, 2402058
Mob:+91 9810803435
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