Regional Testing Laboratory (RTL), Noida

Regional Testing Laboratory, which was originally situated at Muradnagar, was shifted from Muradnagar to Noida in order to provide better services to customers, during 2009.

About Regional Testing Laboratory, Noida:

The Centre has state–of- art facilities for testing Cables, high voltage equipments like current and power transformers, insulators and electrical substation equipments/ materials like transformer oil, bushings, windings, lightning arrestors etc.

Test Capabilities:

  • Transformers up to 1000 kVA; high voltage switch gear; Fuse units and lightning arrestors up to 66 kV. Bus ducts, Insulators and cable accessories for dry and wet power frequency and voltage withstand tests up to 200 kV. Equipment can also be tested for Impulse voltage withstand tests up to 600 kV peak voltage.
  • Testing and evaluation of cables up to 33 kV and cable accessories up to 11 kV rating including Flame Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) cable evaluation.
  • Certification of new and in-service insulating oils for transformers. The condition of the oil in transformers will be assessed by electrical and chemical tests, the internal condition of transformers by Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) and the condition of solid insulation by Furan analysis.
  • Energy Meter for Acceptance Tests on Electromechanical and Electronic Energy Meters of class 0.5 to 2.0 accuracy. The laboratory is also equipped to undertake Anti Tamper feature tests for Energy Meters.
  • A Mobile Energy Meter testing laboratory has been established for on-line testing of in-service energy meters at consumer premises on behalf of Power Utilities, Electricity Regulatory Commission and Public Grievances Cell.
  • Diagnostic test facilities for checking the healthiness of substation equipments like Power Transformers, CTs, PTs, CVTs, Circuit Breakers, Lightning Arrestors
  • Expertise for offering Third Party Inspection Services for power equipments procured by Utilities.