Oil Testing laboratory (Guwahati)

RTL Guwahati has been set up with a view to cater to the testing, certification and evaluation requirements of electrical power equipment manufacturing industries, utilities, and consumers in the north –eastern region.

RTL-Guwahati also acts as a liaison unit of CPRI with various customers in the region and co-ordinate the testing needs which are beyond its scope, but within the capabilities of CPRI Bengaluru and other units. The facilities available at the laboratory are also utilized for research and development and consultancy activities.

RTL- Guwahati is equipped with facilities to carry out testing and certification of insulating oil in power transformers as per IS 1866 / IEC 60422. The unit is also having the facility for conducting Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) on power transformers as per IS 9434 /IEC 60567. This facility is an important diagnostics tool for accessing the internal condition of transformers.

Major Equipment:

The laboratory is equipped the following equipment for conducting the testing and certification work as per IS 1866 / IEC 60422:

  • Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester
  • Gas Chromatograph with Head Space Auto Sampler
  • Water Content Analyser
  • Oil Acidity Test Apparatus
  • Automatic Particle Counting & Sizing Apparatus
  • Tensiometer
  • Oil Resistivity and Tan Delta test Apparatus
  • Flash Point Test Apparatus

Contact Details

Dr. P.K. Maiti,
Joint Director The Unit Head
Regional Testing Laboratory Guwahati
Tele / Fax: 0361-2650299
Mob: +91 9831124456
E-mail: rtlg@cpri.in / maiti@cpri.in

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