Power System Division(PSD)

Power Systems Division is one of pioneer divisions of Central Power Research Institute established in 1960. Over the years, the research capability of the division has been periodically augmented with diverse online and offline simulation facilities/tools/packages to cater the emerging demand of Power Systems Research & Consulting.

The Power Systems Division has been playing a vital role in applied research & power systems consulting services for power utilities and industry. Services encompass a wide spectrum of power system studies like Power systems Planning, Power systems Stability, Load Flow, Short Circuit Studies, Flexible alternating currents Transmission systems devices, High Voltage Direct current, Grid connectivity, Real time performance analysis of various types of controllers such as FACTS, HVDC, SVC and protection relays, Power systems protection & audit, PMUs, Harmonics, Renewable energy, Smart grid and testing services including type testing of relays and testing of phasor measurement units.

The Division consist of an experienced team of Power Engineering Professionals with strong academic and research credentials. The division is equipped with real time simulators from RTDS technologies and OPAL RT technologies with Hypersim software. The offline simulation packages available with division are PSSE, ETAP, NEPLAN, SIMPOW, MATLAB, EMTP etc. Division has the testing laboratories for Relay/IED testing and Phasor Measurement Units (PMU). Furthermore, the Division is ISO accredited and testing laboratories are NABL accredited.

The division has wide client base spread across pan India and with international foot prints. These are state and private owned generation, transmission and distribution companies, and industries like steel plants, aluminum plants, cement industries, petro-chemical industries etc.

Power Systems Division with its state-of-the-art facilities and latest software tools has been offering for more than past five decades various power system studies and testing services for government and private electric utilities as well as manufacturers and industry.


Contact Details

Dr. Sreedevi J
Joint Director / HOD
Power System Division(PSD)
Phone : + 91 80 2207 2445
Mobile: + 91 9449074684
E-Mail : sreedevi@cpri.in

Facilities Available/Laboratories

Consultancy Projects

The various consultancy services offered are:

Power System Consultancy :

  • Transmission Planning & Power Evacuation studies
  • Study of Power Swing Phenomena
  • Stability studies
  • Load flow studies
  • Short circuit studies
  • Reactive power compensation studies (Sizing and location of capacitors)
  • Electric Losses evaluation for transmission systems
  • Sizing of static VAR compensator
  • Insulation Co-ordination
  • Islanding studies
  • Grid Integration of Renewables – Wind & Solar
  • Evaluation of Losses for renewable power plants
  • System studies for power generating stations
  • Sub-Synchronous Resonance (SSR) studies
  • Harmonic Analysis and Filter Design
  • Performance analysis of controllers such as FACTS, HVDC, SVC (Closed Loop Testing of Power System Controllers)
  • Studies for Captive Power Generation and Industrial power systems
  • HVDC and FACT system studies
  • Controller Testing - Testing of Composite Intelligent Load Management System (CILMS) controller. STATCOM controller testing
  • System studies for Hydro Power Plant for loss evaluation
  • System studies for Renewable/distribute energy resources (DER)
  • The close loop testing of SCADA security system on Real Time Simulator

Protection System Studies :

  • Protection audit of generating stations and substations
  • Relay coordination
  • Dynamic testing of protection schemes on Real Time Simulator (Closed Loop Testing of Power System Protection Relays)
  • Field Testing of Protective Relay in Port Trust, Major industries and Thermal Power Station - Performance checking of Protective Relays. Accuracy tests
  • GPS synchronized End-to-End testing of Distance protection scheme

R & D projects

  • Wide area measurement based power system security of a state transmission grid
  • Study of GPS synchronized End-to-End testing of Distance protection scheme and evolving field test methodology
  • Smart Transmission through Wide Area Measurement systems to control and co-ordinate HVDC/FACTS devices
  • Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS) based Fault Signature Analysis for fault detection and location assessment using measurements from Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs)
  • Development and demonstration of an adaptive protection scheme for the distribution system with penetration of renewables
  • A Reliable optimal smart metering infrastructure for Smart Grid
  • A study on stability and reliability of the power system with large penetration of wind power
  • Investigation on application of FACTS devices in Indian Power System
  • Study on integration issues of multi-infeed HVDC systems into one AC system