Substation Automation System Laboratory

This laboratory was established during 2008 to extend the test facilities for testing Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) for compliance to IEC61850 the standard that supports interoperability. The laboratory is accredited by UCA IUG as Level A (Third party independent test laboratory) and is the only accredited laboratory in this part of the world. The laboratory services include testing of IEDs for conformance in accordance with IEC 61850, standards titled “Communication Networks and Systems in Substations” (Ed.1) and titled "Communication Networks and Systems for Power Utility Automation" (Ed.2).

Central Power Research Institute has established state of the art protocol testing laboratory which is unique in its kind in this part of the world and is being catering to its customers to develop, test and certify communication protocol related to Substation Automation and Metering as per the International and National standards.
IEC 61850 is the first and only global standard that considers all the communication needs for a Substation. The standard defines strict rules for realizing interoperability between IEDs used for protection, monitoring, control and automation in substations environment irrespective of the make of IEDs and client tools.

Conformance testing from a third party independent laboratory increases the confidence level and confirms the a vendor’s implementations for the protocol claimed.

The protocol laboratory of CPRI is equipped with the facility for conformance testing of IEC 61850 compatible devices. The latest versions of the test tools and test procedures are used for testing for conformance. This test facility is accredited by Utility Communication Architecture International Users Group (UCA IUG) as Level - A which means CPRI is an independent third party laboratory for testing of server devices for IEC 61850 compliance. CPRI is the first and only Institute in this part of the world to get this accreditation status for IEC 61850 conformance testing. The certificates issued by CPRI are accepted world-wide

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Metering and Utility Automation Division
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