Metering and Utility Automation Division (MUAD)

MUAD provides testing services, calibration services, contemporary R&D activities, Third party inspections & vendor analysis assignments for energy meters / prepaid meters / smart meters and issuance of reports / certificates and MUAD provides in house IT support, by way of webhosting, webmail, IT infrastructure and facility management services. It also hosts and maintains a "Knowledge Management Portal (Gyanshakti)" for sharing knowledge, expertise opinion and experience.

Contact Details

Dr. P. Kaliappan
Joint Director/HoD
Metering and Utility Automation Division (MUAD)
Mob: +91 9449149924
Ph: +91-80-2207 2449

Facilities Available/Laboratories

Consultancy Projects

The division offers Project Management Consultancy services in the following area:

  • Implementation of SCADA, Automation and Substation Automation System for Generation, Transmission & Distribution Utilities.
  • Implementation of Smart grid and smart meter.
  • Implementation of Water utility SCADA and automation.


R & D projects

Projects undertaken are either by CPRI or sponsored by utilities, government institutions, private organizations and small-scale industries (SSI). Technology is transferred to interested entrepreneurs.

The division has been actively involved in R&D over the past three decades and has acquired expertise in the following areas:

  • Energy Metering
  • Power Sector Communication
  • Automatic Meter Reading

Some of the R&D projects completed are listed below:

  • Prepaid Energy Meter
  • Street Light Controller-Stand alone & Radio sensed
  • Time Synchronizing unit for EHV sub station
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system
  • Communication channel on HT feeder
  • Effect of Harmonic Influence on Electronic Energy Meters
  • High voltage spark discharge unit for energy meter testing

Some of the products have been developed in the above areas and technology for energy meter development was transferred to several manufacturers.