Pollution Laboratory

The Pollution Laboratory has dimensions of 12 M x 12Mx12M. An array of nozzles confirming to IEC specifications combined with a salt water pumping and air compressor provide the required salt fog. The power supply to the chamber is from one of the outdoor 600 kV, 2000 kVA Cascade Transformers setup. Equipment Available are

  • 600 kV, 3A AC source
  • 50 kV, 1A AC source
  • 15 kV, 1A AC source
  • 33 kV, 2A AC source

With these equipment/facilities, the Pollution Laboratory can carry out tests on insulators and insulator assemblies for systems up to and including 400 kV.

Types of Tests

This Laboratory can undertake the following tests as per National and International Standards:

  • Pollution test on insulators by salt fog or solid layer method up to 400 kV AC.
  • Thermal runaway tests on insulators.
  • Salt fog tests on cable terminations.
  • Tracking and erosion tests on polymeric insulators as per IEC 61109-1000 hours.
  • Hydrophobicity recovery test on polymeric insulators.
  • Weather ageing test (salt fog) for surge arresters up to 150kV as per IEC-60099-4/2004 and contamination test as per ANSI C.62 for surge arresters up to and including 400kV.
  • Water Diffusion Test
  • Dye Penetration Test
  • Brittle Fracture Test


Contact Details

Pandian G,
Joint Director /  HoD
High Voltage Division
Ph: + 91-80-2207 2377(Off.)
Mob: +91 9741836174
E-Mail: gpandian@cpri.in

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