Impulse current test laboratory

CPRI has established the Impulse Current Laboratory as a comprehensive facility for testing of Zinc Oxide ZnO arrester elements and pro-rated sections of rated voltage from 3kV to 12 kV as per IEC 60099-4 Edition-3, 2014, IEC 60099-8, IS 3070 Part III and IEEE C62.11, 2012 Edition.

The laboratory with dimensions of 13 m x 17 m x 7 m is equipped with a unique Computer controlled Impulse Current Generator of rated 100 kV, 300 kJ incorporating all conceivable features in a single consolidated design and is perhaps the only one of its kind in this part of the world.

An advanced Dr. Strauss make impulse recording system (TRAS 100-12, 4 channel, 100 MS/s, 12 bit) with customised software for recording and analysing impulse current, voltage and impulse current superimposed with AC voltage at dynamically varying time base (a unique feature required for recording voltages and currents in Operating Duty tests on arrester nonlinear elements) is a part of the Impulse Current laboratory.

Generator Capability  
The generator is capable of generating following impulse currents of wave shapes stipulated in the National / International standards.

                    Impulse Current Wave shape

               Current magnitude

                                         8/20 µS


                                          4/10 µS


                       Rectangular / Half Sine wave  2  to 4 mS

                       2 to 3 kA

                                  Half sine wave 200 µS


                                        36/80 µS


                                        30/80 µS


                                       1 / >20 µS


                                     0.5 / >20 µS


With these wave shapes, the following type tests on SH, SM, SL and  class-1 to class-5 ZnO arrester elements of 3kV to 12 kV voltage rating used in station, distribution class Heavy, Medium and Light duty arresters can be carried out as per National / International Standards (IEC 60099-4, IEC 60099-8, IS 3070 Part III and IEEE C62.11, IEC 60099-8 latest editions).


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