High Voltage Division(HVD)

The High Voltage Division comprises of the following laboratories for providing services on dielectric testing of all major electrical equipment.

1. The EHV test laboratory (Main laboratory).
2. Pollution laboratory
3. Impulse current test laboratory

The division undertakes quality assurance tests as per national (IS) and International standards, like BS, IEC, ANSI, Canadian standards etc. All the test facilities are of the state of the art type and compare well with the facilities available at other international laboratories like KEMA-Holland, CESI, Italy, IREQ, Canada etc. The laboratory has NABL and ASTA accreditation and serves for Indian customers & customers from abroad.

Contact Details

Pandian G,

Joint Director / HOD
High Voltage Division

Ph: + 91-80-22072377(Off.)
Mob: +91 9741836174
E-Mail : gpandian@cpri.in

Facilities Available/Laboratories

Consultancy Projects

  • Pollution level measurements at sites enrouting transmission line.
  • AC electric field measurements under transmission lines and substations.

Grounding System Studies

This division has the facilities and expertise to carry out grounding studies for various agencies including Generating Stations, EHV Substations and various industries. 

Types of studies carried out viz.

  • Earth Mat Design for industries, switchyard/Generating Stations.
  • Soil Resistivity measurement at site
  • Earth Resistance measurement at site
  • Adequacy check of Grounding System
  • Step and Touch Potential Measurement at site

R & D projects

  • Pollution studies under AC and DC condition on insulators
  • Pollution studies on zinc oxide surge arresters
  • Ageing studies on RTV coated insulators and composite insulators
  • Performance evaluation of polymeric insulators for its life expectancy
  • Development of HVDC Insulators for optimal performance under polluted conditions
  • Development of Silicon Rubber composite insulators for high voltage transmission system