High Power Laboratory

  • Direct Testing Facility of 2500 MVA capacity at 36/72.5 kV in three phase and 1400 MVA capacity, upto 245 kV in single phase for testing of Circuit Breakers and short circuit withstand capability tests on other apparatus viz., Power Transformers, Wave Traps, Reactors, Insulators, Lightning Arresters etc., and for short time current test upto 300 kA rms on Busducts, CTs, Isolators, Panels, etc.,
  • a Synthetic Testing Facility for high power testing of EHV Circuit Breakers upto 40 kA, 245 kV full pole and unit testing of EHV Circuit breakers beyond 245 kV level.

Contact Details

Sudhakara Reddy S
Additional Director& HOD
High Power Laboratory
Phone : +91 80 2207 2515
Mob: +91 9449056941
Email: ssreddy@cpri.in / hpl1@cpri.in

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