LED test laboratory

Lighting, no matter interior or exterior, has its own importance in our daily life as it aids one of the most unique sensation, vision. With introduction of low power LEDs, lighting industry has had a face shift from usage of conventional lamps to intelligent lighting. As a result, numerous participants have been introduced the lighting industry. CPRI has exclusive test facilities for LED lighting to assure the quality, quantity as well as safety parameters of the product. The laboratory is accredited by NABL and BIS for relevant Indian and International standards. Following are the major standards for luminaires.

  • IES LM 79-19 / IS 16106
  • IS 16102 Part 1 and Part 2

Contact Details

Sudhir Kumar R,
Joint Director / HOD
Energy Efficiency &
Renewable Energy Division
Phone : + 080 22072368
Mob: +91 9480619142
Email: sudhir@cpri.in

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