Battery Testing Laboratory

Battery Testing Laboratory at CPRI is well equipped with the latest technologies and R & D facilities in the field of energy storage applications with expertise in R&D in Li-ion battery and other emerging energy storage systems. The battery testing laboratory at EATD is capable of testing secondary cells and batteries of all types of chemistries (Lead-acid, Nickel-Cadmium and Lithium Ion Batteries) as per various national and international standards. The laboratory is equipped with Life cycle testers which can test 36 Batteries at a time independently. The testers also have the facility for paralleling of two or more channels for drawing higher currents. The laboratory also has a programmable conditional chamber for testing of batteries at different temperature. The laboratory is also equipped with battery bank tester where two battery banks up to 450 V can be tested at a time for Electric Vehicle application. The battery testing laboratory is accredited by BIS and NABL as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025 for testing of lead acid batteries and has applied for extension of scope of accreditation to include over 30 national and international standards for testing of batteries of all chemistries.

Contact Details

Dr. P. Chandrasekhar
Joint Director/HoD
Electrical Appliances Technology Division
Phone: 080-22072340
Mob: +91 9739410204

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