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Vibration Test System

Vibration test systems are used for the design of components, equipment and for experimental verification of their safe functional capability under vibrational and shock loads in accordance with National and International standards.

The main features of the vibration test system

Force rating (Sine) : 26.7 kN
Frequency range : 5 to 3500 Hz
Displacement (Peak to Peak) : 76.2 mm
Velocity (Peak) : 1800 mm/s
Acceleration levels (Peak) : 100 g (Bare Table)
Types of Vibration : Sine, Random, Sine on Random, Random on Random and Shock
Mode of Vibration : Vertical and Horizontal

Climatic chamber

The main features of climatic chamber with vertical vibration interface

Test chamber material : Stainless steel
Volume : 1000 litres
Temperature : -700C to +1800 C
Accuracy : + 0.50 K in Space and time
Humidity accuracy : + 5%
Rate of change of temperature : 25o C/min. average
Maximum weight of specimen : 100 kg

When equipment is required to be tested simultaneously for temperature, humidity and vibration test, climatic chamber is interfaced with vibration test system.

Drop Testing Machine

Drop testing machine is capable of studying behavior of equipment and adequacy of packaging when they are subjected to Mechanical drop or sudden jerks in transportation,  it is PC controlled equipment.

The main features of drop testing machine

Machine type : Drop testing machine with strong structure designed with guide columns and free drop platform.
Weight of Specimen : 200 kg (Maximum)
Height of Specimen : 1200 mm
Drop Height (max) : 1800 mm
Base Plate (WxL) : 910 x 910
Control Mechanism : Pneumatic – electric control System

Servo hydraulic shaker system

This equipment can be used to conduct seismic, vibration and shock test on equipment / components as per National and International Standards.

The main features of uni – axial servo hydraulic shaker system

Force rating : 100 kN
Frequency range : 0.1 to 250 Hz
Displacement : ± 50 mm
Table size : 1500 x 1500 mm
Mode of vibration : Horizontal and vertical
Types of vibration : Sine, Sine sweep, Random, Shock and FRS

Single axis actuator

This equipment can be used to carry out fatigue tests and to evaluate the dynamic characteristics of equipment components weighing up to 100 kgs.

The main features of single axis actuator with digital controller

Force rating : 10 kN
Frequency range : 0.1 to 150 Hz
Displacement : + 50 mm
Accuracy : + 1%
Operating pressure : 280 bars
Types of vibration : Sine, Random, Sine Sweep, Single frequency

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