Lubricating Oil Laboratory

Lubricating oils have been used extensively in improving the performance of machines by reducing the friction, keeps the moving metallic parts away from rubbing each other and keeping the environment cool and clean. Lubricating oil laboratory focuses on the evaluation of oils used in turbine and hydraulic lubricants used widely in the power sector.

Various test facilities like Foaming Characteristics, Water Separatabilty, Rust Prevention Characteristics, Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Stability Test (RPVOT), Flash Point, Copper Strip Corrosion Test, Particle Sizing and Counting, TAN, Moisture, Viscosity Measurements, Degree of Polymerization of New and Aged Electrical Papers and Boards (ASTM D 4243) etc.


The Laboratory has the following facilities for evaluation of lubricants as per the details are given below.

  • Testing of New Turbine Lubricants as per ASTM D 4304 & IS 1012
  • Testing of In-service Turbine Lubricants as per ASTM D4378
  • Testing of New Hydraulic oils as per ASTM D 6158 & IS 3098
  • Testing of In-service Hydraulic oils as per ASTM D6224.
  • Compatibility test of Turbine Lubricants as per ASTM D7155
  • Compatibility test of Hydraulic Lubricants as per ASTM D7752

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