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Cables lab has facilities to undertake type testing of all types of power cables of rating 1.1 kV up to 400 kV voltage rating and power cable accessories as per Indian and International standards. In addition to electrical and physical tests on power cables, the laboratory has state of art test facilities to evaluating cables and materials for flame and smoke characteristics.

Electric cables are designed to carry power for long distances and can act as pathway along which fire can travel and spread. In addition there are cable installations where large number of cables are installed vertically. These can act as an area of significant fire hazard because of the medium of high fuel loading represented by the insulating and sheathing materials. Fires involving these cables may cause the loss of life as well as damage to the facilities and equipment. In order to avoid such disasters the demand has arisen for improved flame-retardant cables to reduce not only flame propagation but also smoke and toxic emission.

The Flame retardant low smoke cables laboratory carryout fire reaction tests on electric cables and all polymeric materials according to various national and International standards.

Cables laboratory has recently augmented the facilities to take up prequalification test on power cables and accessories of rating up to 400 kV rating, for evaluation of EHV cable system for their long term performance as per IEC 62067.


TThe test facility has been accredited for Electrical testing as per ISO/IEC 17025 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Govt of India. Cables Laboratory has also accreditation from BIS, DEWA, & ASTA for carrying out tests on cables and accessories.

Major Test Facility

Product Details


PILC Cables up to 33 kV

IS 692, IEC 55-1, BS 6480

Elastomeric,& Polymeric insulated  Power Cables  of voltage rating from 1.1kV up to 400 kV    

IS 7098 Part I, IS 7098 Part II, & IS 7098 Part III, IS 694, IS 1554 Part I , IS 1554 Part II, IS 9968 Part I, IS 9968 Part II,IS 17505-1, IS 17293, IS 17048 ,

IEC 60227, IEC 60245, IEC 60502-1, IEC 60502-2,IEC 60840. IEC 62067,

BS 6622, BS 5467, BS 6346, BS 7846,BS 7835, BS 6724, BS 6004,BS 6231

Aerial bunched cables & covered conductors

IS 14255, BS EN 50397

Mining Cables

IS 14494

Cable Joints & Terminations

IS 13573 Part-I, IS 13573 part –II, IS 13573 Part-III, IS 13705, IEC 60502-4,IEC 60840

IEEE 48, IEEE 404, BS HD 629.1 S3:2019, BS EN 50393:2015,


  • 600 kV, 4200 KVA Outdoor Transformer
  • 600 kV, 600 kVA Series Resonant test set.
  • 600 kV, 2400 KVA Series Resonant Transformer
  • 300 kV, 120 kVA Transformer
  • 100 kV, 20 kVA Partial discharge free test source and associated accessories.
  • 2400 kV, 240 kJ Impulse Generator
  • 500 kV, 15 KJ Impulse voltage generator
  • 30 V, 4000 A Current Loading System
  • 2000 Amps Current transformer
  • Partial discharge Detection System
  • Transformer ratio arm bridges, 600 kV Standard capacitor
  • High Precision automatic insulation resistance measuring system
  • Digital Micro ohmmeter  
  • Splicing machines for preparation of cable         
  • Hot air ageing ovens
  • High Precision Profile projector of magnification up to 100
  • 25kN Tensile testing machine with laser extension meter
  • Cone Calorimeter
  • Toxicity chamber Flammability test on Bunched Cables
  • 3 meter cube test chamber
  • Limiting Oxygen Index apparatus
  • HCl Emission apparatus
  • Fire Resistance test set-up

Contact Details

Smt. Meena K P
Joint Director/HoD
Cables and Diagnostics Division (CDD)
Phone: +91 (0) 80 2207 2333
Mobile: +91 9731551059

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