Cables and Diagnostics Division (CDD)

Cables lab has facilities to undertake type testing of all types of power cables of rating 1.1 kV up to 220 kV voltage rating and power cable accessories as per Indian and International standards. Cables laboratory has state of art facilities to take up prequalification test on power cables and accessories of rating up to 400 kV rating, for evaluation of EHV cable system for their long term performance as per IEC 62067.

In addition to electrical and physical test facilities the laboratory has test facilities for evaluating cables and materials for flame and smoke characteristics.


The test facility has been accredited for Electrical testing as per ISO/IEC 17025 by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) Govt of India. Cables Laboratory has also accreditation from BIS, DEWA, & ASTA for carrying out tests on cables and accessories.


Contact Details

Smt.Meena K P
Joint Director/HoD
Cables and Diagnostics Division
Phone: +91 (0) 80 22072333
Mobile: +91 9731551059
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Facilities Available/Laboratories

Consultancy Projects

  • Consultancy through Field Testing

Diagnostic laboratory is equipped with test facilities for undertaking condition monitoring/diagnostic tests on HV Power Equipment in order to assess the state and condition of their insulation systems. Diagnostics test facilities are extensively used by State Electricity Boards, Thermal Power Stations, Nuclear Power Stations, Hydro Power Stations, Petro Chemical Plants, Process Industries and the like.

  • Involved in Renovation and Modernization (R&M) & Residual Life Assessment (RLA) Studies.

Majority of the generating sets operating in our country are about 35-40 years old and have already come to the end of their notional design life. In recent times, with the ever growing demand for power, high cost of new equipment and paucity of funds there is an increasing trend to upgrade and extend the life of older generating sets. It has been recognized that with the advent of new technologies there is a scope for upgrading of generating capacity of the generators. In the light of this, knowledge of integrity of these machines and their remaining service life would be of great interest. In this, endeavor; there is a strong incentive for condition assessment of various components of these machines. Over the years many diagnostic tests have been suggested for condition monitoring of different components of the machines. The data obtained from these tests provide much needed information regarding present state and condition of the components.

  • Failure Investigation of EHV/HV Power Equipment.

To understand the root cause of failure of any power plant equipment, failure investigation is carried out. Diagnostic laboratory is equipped with facilities and expertise for failure investigation of failure of HV equipment line generators, HT Motors, Power Cable etc.